Women’s Glasses Trends for Fall 2013

by Beth Cale on September 27, 2013

As the crisp autumn air approaches, everyone is beginning to update their look for fall! Just like any other accessory, glasses trends change with the seasons. This fall, we’re loving the use of mixed materials, rich textures, and refreshing colors. Whether you are looking for a bold new frame or an updated classic, this season brings plenty of eyeglass options to suit every taste! Check out some of the trends below to see which one fits your style!


Women’s Eyeglass Trends

– FALL 2013 –


Go Natural

GOOD FOR YOU IF:  You care about how your products are sourced – you want fashionable items but don’t want to destroy the Earth to do it.

LOOK FOR: Wood, plant-based acetate, recycled, or biodegradable frames.

@ AC LENS: Proof Eyewear


Borrowed From The Gentlemen

GOOD FOR YOU IF: You want that casual-cool, effortless boyfriend style. Bonus points if you can actually wear your boyfriend’s clothes!

LOOK FOR: Tall, rectangular plastic
frames, or horn-rimmed frames.

@ AC LENS: Superdry


Mixed Up

GOOD FOR YOU IF: You love to shake
things up – especially your style. Mixed
material frames go with tons of outfits.
Seriously. Tons.

LOOK FOR: Combinations of plastic, metal,
wood, or leather.

@ AC LENS: Superdry and Proof Eyewear


Old Is Cool

GOOD FOR YOU IF: You rummage through your parents’ attic to update your style – vintage is back in.

LOOK FOR: Thick, large frames in black or
tortoise-shell, horn-rimmed frames, or
cat-eye frames.

@ AC LENS: Superdry and Proof Eyewear

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