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by Beth Cale on June 4, 2013

At AC Lens, we strive to bring you quality, fashionable items at an affordable price. Kick off your summer with these fantastic finds – coming soon, at AC Lens!

Proof Eyewear

Trendy, eco-friendly, hand-made, and lightweight  – what more could you ask for? Created by 3 brothers in Idaho, Proof offers wooden as well as plant based acetate sunglasses and eyeglasses in a variety of slick styles. Starting at only $85, these are sure to be a new favorite!



For those that spend the majority of their time facing a digital screen, AC Lens is excited to offer Gunnars: Outdoor, Computer and Gaming Eyewear! Whether indoors or outdoors, Gunnars are the perfect choice to optimize your digital viewing experience. Advanced Outdoor Eyewear is perfect for anyone that needs to view digital screens outdoors. The Advanced Computer Eyewear is ideal for daily use to prevent eye fatigue in front of any kind of digital screen, ranging from smart phones to computers to TV monitors. The Advanced Gaming Eyewear is meant to enhance a gamer’s visual performance for long periods of time. Using Fractyl and diAMIX technology and in partnership with Major League Gaming, Gunnars will help you get an edge over your competitors. Let the games begin!

Gunner Combo

Look for these new brands, and more coming soon!

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Elizabeth Cale is the Content and Social Media Strategist at AC Lens. Beth is passionate about helping others make the best choices for their eyewear and vision care needs, whether it's high-end fashion or glasses on a budget. In her spare time, Beth enjoys spending time with her horses, Samson and Molly.

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