Makeup Tips for Glasses

by admin on April 17, 2013

210px-03The number of eyeglass frame styles available for women right now is endless; and as the bolder frame styles have increased in popularity, so have the tips and tricks to getting your eyes to pop and be noticed under those frames. No one wants their eyes to disappear when they put on glasses, so we’ve put together the best solutions for getting your lovely eyes to brighten and demand attention from behind your favorite frames.

1. Be Neutral – Depending on frame style, your eyeglasses can make bright eye shadow colors hard to see and can also cause clashing colors. Keep your eye shadow neutral and/or complimentary to your frame colors.

2. Curl Those Lashes – Curling your lashes makes you look fabulous, and will also keep them from rubbing up against your lenses.

3. Line Those Eyes – The thicker the frame the thicker your eyeliner should be, and at the very least you should always apply mascara. Gel liner works best for thicker lines but there are many great products that do the job including felt tip liners, liquid and pencil.

4. Be Bold – The bigger and bolder frame you wear, the less makeup you can get away with. However, to balance out your face opt for a bright bold lip in red, orange, or pink. Just make sure the colors go well with your frame colors.

5. Conceal – Your lenses will add shadows in areas around your eyes, so to keep things looking bright and, well, dark-circle free, listen to your optometrist and add the anti-glare coating to your lenses to avoid that glare. Also make sure you apply concealer to any dark circles, and use either a shimmery powder or a highlighting eye shadow in the inner corner of your eyes to brighten everything up nicely.

6. Blush Like A Lady – Add a bit of color to your face with blush to apples of your cheeks.

7. Define Your Emotion – Don’t forget to fill in your brows and make them a little more defined, this will actually draw attention to your eyes more.

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Great resources for learning to apply makeup for glasses wearers: makeup for glasses – Be Bold. Liner, Cheeks, and Lips. refinery29 makeup for glasses How to video – Makeup techniques for glasses. makeup for glasses Makeup for multiple frame styles.

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