Wraparound Sunglasses – Reduce Spring Eye Allergies in Style

by admin on March 8, 2013

As the winter draws near to an end, it’s not uncommon for people to dust off their sunglasses as they prepare to spend more time outdoors. While most welcome warm spring weather, many people dread the allergies that arrive during April, May, and June.

Can Sunglasses Help to Prevent Eye Allergies?

While sunglasses won’t entirely prevent or stop spring eye allergies, we’ve found that wearing wraparound style sunglasses  can assist in decreasing the effects of spring allergies on the eyes.

While most sunglasses and eyeglasses frames can assist in decreasing the effects of allergens, wraparound styles are the most effective since they cover the greatest area near the eyes while being designed to naturally block air from circulating around your eyes. The decrease in air flow results in a greatly reduced exposure of allergens, which can help to prevent excess inflammation and redness.

Aviator style sunglasses also can help reduce airflow near the eyes, as they were designed specifically to keep wind out of pilots’ eyes flying in the second world war. While the aviator styling can help reduce air exposure, the lack of protection on the side of the frames makes them less effective at blocking allergens and wind than wrap style sun glasses are.

If you suffer from spring eye allergies, consider picking up a pair of wrap-style shades from AC Lens before the winter comes to an end. AC Lens carries a wide variety of wraparound frames, including designer, sport, and all purpose wrap style sunglasses. Shop for your shades online through our easy to navigate sunglasses shop.

Featured Wraparound Sunglasses From AC Lens


Smith Optics Forum Wraparound Sunglasses

Most sport sunglasses use a wrap style to prevent the wind from distracting vision while competing in athletic events.

DKNY Wrap Sunglasses

These DKNY wraparound Sunglasses show off how wrap style shades can be made for athletic as well as fashion purposes.

Ray Ban Plastic Aviators

Ray Ban’s signature Aviator frame shape was designed specifically to prevent wind from bothering the eyes of pilots.

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