Freshlook ColorBlends Review: Colored Contacts For All Eyes

by admin on February 26, 2013

Color contact lenses offer an easy and effective way to change your eye color to whatever looks best. In the last few decades, color contacts have evolved from uncomfortable, artificial looking lenses to fully natural as well as comfortable contacts. Currently, the most popular brand of contact lens for changing eye color is the FreshLook line of contacts.

What Makes FreshLook Color Contact Lenses Special?

FreshLook lenses are manufactured by Ciba Vision, and are currently the most popular brand of colored contact lens worldwide. Freshlook lenses provide a wide selection of colors that are effective for changing the color of both light and dark eye color. FreshLook Lenses not only offer a broad range of color varieties, they’re also available in varieties for all common eye conditions (Astigmatism, Myopia, Hyperopia) in both daily disposable and extended wear varieties.

While their full compatibility with all types of eyes makes them popular, it’s their extremely natural appearance that has created a loyal group of customers. FreshLook ColorBlends uses a unique patented process that mixes three colors into each lens to provide a natural looking color spectrum in the eye.

What Do AC Lens Customers Think about FreshLook?

Freshlook color contact lenses as featured at AC Lens have received strong reviews. Most freshlook lens varieties feature an average composite score of being rated higher than 4/5, making them one of the highest rated lenses AC Lens carries. Two of our customer reviews are shown below, but we encourage customers to read all our reviews with the individual lens reviews featured in the links below!

Love the freshlook colorblends contact lenses. They are comfortable, correct my vision, and as an added bonus make my eyes look great. I have dark brown eyes and wear the gray lenses. The lenses brighten my eyes and look great. Please keep these lenses available. Thanks


Often people remark on my beautiful coloured eyes,& at 66yrs old this really gives me a buzz.I feel fantastic.If they ask,”Are they contacts”, then I don’t lie, but if they just say what a beautiful colour my eyes are, then I just reply, “Oh thank you”.

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