Read In Style With Designer Wayfarer Reading Glasses

by admin on February 19, 2013

Most people who wear reading glasses never consider their reading glasses part of their daily fashion. While reading glasses may not be worn as frequently as standard eyeglasses, there is no reason to pick a bland or boring pair of readers when there are so many designer inspired frames to choose from. AC Lens has a wide selection of fashion readers available, with the wayfarer styled reading glasses being some of our most popular variety.

Designer Wayfarer Reading Glasses From AC Lens

Computer Eyed Wayfarer Reading Glasses

Computer Eyed Wayfarer Reading Glasses

Computer Eyed makes one of the most popular pairs of reading glasses on AC Lens. These reading glasses are designed to combat computer vision syndrome by alleviating eye strain caused by digital displays. The computer eyed wayfarer reading glasses are a perfect choice for adding a stylish look at the office, while also combating eye strain. These glasses are not traditional reading glasses, and aren’t built for the purpose of correcting short-range vision, but are extremely helpful for people who get headaches or red eyes when they read or work on computers.

Peepers Rainbow Bright Reading Glasses

Peepers Rainbow Reading Glasses

Peepers Rainbow Bright readers are fun and casual reading glasses that add a splash of color to your day. With over five different color frames, the Rainbow Bright reading glasses combine retro frame style with trendy translucent plastic frames. The Rainbow Bright readers show off how you can take a classic style, and still keep it modern with new elements like translucent frames or pastel colors.

Peepers Clark Ken Reading Sunglassess

Peepers Clark Kent Reading Sunglasses

Most people enjoy reading outdoors, especially when they’re at the pool, out on the beach, or enjoying a warm sunny day at the park. So what is one to do when they want sun protection, but also need their reading glasses to read their favorite book? Peepers sun readers solve the problem by combining reading glasses lenses with a dark tint that shields the eyes from glare and irritating sunlight.

Not a fan of wayfarer frames? AC Lens has many frame styles to choose from, including metal frame readers, rectangular fashion readers, and even cat-eye reading glasses. Just visit our reading glasses page to start shopping!


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