Wearing Sunglasses Indoors: Cool or Not?

by admin on February 12, 2013

Sunglasses have always been on the cutting edge of fashion, and have always been directly associated with Hollywood glamour. It’s no surprise that at the most recent grammy awards, numerous stars were spotted wearing sunglasses while they in attendance of the award ceremony.

Aviator SunglassesWhile Hollywood clearly approves of the concept of wearing shades while indoors, many people outside Hollywood feel it’s tacky and pointless. After all, the real reason to wear sunglasses is supposed to be for sun protection.

So why would people wear sunglasses in dim environments when it makes their vision worse?

How Hollywood Became Synonymous With Wearing Sunglasses at Night

Believe it or not, the idea of celebrities wearing sunglasses in dark environments actually has some basis in history based off logic and convenience. When aviator style sunglasses were first introduced in the mid 1930’s for the military, they were also adopted by up and coming actors and actresses.

At the time in the 1930’s and 1940’s, filmmakers required extremely bright lighting to illuminate their films. As a result, the actors of the time were quick to put on sunglasses while not on set to shield their eyes from the irritating stage lighting. The wear of sunglasses by popular actors and actresses in the 30’s actually helped spread the popularity of sunglasses as a fashion accessory through the 40’s and 50’s, and also gave legitimacy to wearing sunglasses either indoors, or at night.

Later on, sunglasses were adopted by counterculture in the 60’s as a way to mask the use of drugs while experiencing a high. Artists such as Ozzy Osbourne and John Lennon became synonymous with wearing teashade style sunglasses indoors for this specific reason. The wear of sunglasses indoor has carried on to current artists, although most of it is more for fashion purposes than for masking drug use.

The Argument Against Indoor Sunglasses

Most people aren’t a fan of wearing sunglasses indoor for one basic reason: There is no practical reason to wear sunglasses indoors other than when you’re attempting to look “cool”. 

For many people, they assume it’s trying a bit too hard, although some see it as a bold fashion statement. Despite this, celebrities clearly don’t live by normal fashion standards, and they have a tendency to be bold whether people agree with their choices or not.

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