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by admin on February 1, 2013

Eye Styes are essentially pimples of the eye. More specifically, they form when an oil or eyelash gland become blocked due to excess oil, dirt, or bacteria. Unfortunately, eye styes will typically last longer than a standard pimple would, although they normally go away within a week or so.

So what’s a person to do when they come across an irritating Stye? Read below for our guide on treatment, prevention and relief of styes.

Do Stye Relief Drops Work?

Because eye styes are more irritating and longer lasting than a standard pimple would be, using stye relief drops can be a big help to get you through your day. Similasan’s formula uses all natural ingredients to soothe redness, irritation, and inflammation caused by the stye itself. The one-of-a-kind formula actually stimulates the body’s natural defenses against irritation, providing lasting comfort and relief.

While the Stye relief formula won’t cure the condition altogether, it will make it much more bearable, and is highly convenient for people who frequently experience styes.



Similasan Stye Eye Relief



Are There Any Ways To Cure Styes?

The best way to treat a stye altogether is to wash the eyelid thoroughly every day, and to use a warm compress frequently for approximately 10 minutes. In severe cases where the stye becomes abnormally large, a doctor may need to manually drain the stye, although most normal styes will drain on their own. It’s not recommended to pop the stye as this can lead to complications and other problems. While the aforementioned treatments can help manage the symptoms and hasten recovery, there are no quick cures for eye styes that work overnight.

How Do I Prevent Styes?

Avoiding excess makeup and making sure to thoroughly wash the eyelids will go a long way toward preventing blockages and bacteria from building up. For people with extra oily skin and eyelids, they may want to consider using a lid-scrub formula such as Ocusoft’s eyelid scrub, which is especially formulated to remove makeup and oil without irritating the eyes.

Careful hygiene and the avoidance of rubbing & touching the eyes are the most important overall ways to avoid discomfort and irritation from styes.

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