Men’s Eyeglasses Trends For 2013

by admin on January 14, 2013

Women’s eyewear is much more famous than men’s eyewear for following fashion trends and changing depending on seasonality. While what’s popular in men’s eyeglasses changes much less frequently than women’s eyeglasses, there are still a few noteworthy trends that pop up each and every year. So what should most men look out for in 2013? Read our guide below for an in depth view on how to pick the best frames that will guarantee a sharp look for years to come.

2013 Trends for Men’s Glasses

Plastic Is IN

While there are still a few trendy styles available with more traditional metal frames, we would encourage men to look into plastic framed eyeglasses before trying on metal frames.  Plastic frames became popular with the “geek chic” wave, which made the “nerd” look popular. Since then, all sorts of plastic frame glasses have become popular, most of which are no longer defined as being “nerdy”.

Ray-Ban RX 5223

Ray Ban’s RX 5223 show off how plastic frames can provide a bold look. Plastic frames offer more color options than metal frames, and also are easier to mold into unique frame shapes. The Ray Ban 5223 exhibit a curvy temple piece coupled with a vintage inspired tortoise shell pattern.

Look for Tall Frame Styles

This trend seems to be relevant for both women and men, where taller frames have become increasingly trendy over the past few years. Eyeglasses with a wayfarer or aviator frame shape have become the golden standard for picking a stylish frame. While rectangular eyeglass frames offer a classic shape that will never go out of style, the taller frames provide a trendier look that stands out among more traditional frame styles.

Randy Jackson RJ 3003

The Randy Jackson RJ 3003 glasses frames use a low profile wayfarer frame style that shows off a refined vintage style. The wayfarer frame shape is an easy match for almost any facial shape, making it a popular selection that will never go out of style.

Vintage Inspired Details Make the Difference

While the small details are rarely what is first noticed, vintage inspired details like a translucent rim, unique shape, and quality construction make a huge difference between a designer look and a cheap knockoff.

Proof Lunar

The Proof Lunar frames use unique curves, translucent rims, and a pop of color for a vintage inspired look. With lightweight wooden arms, the Lunar frames feel as good as they look! 




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