Stylish Eyeglasses For 2013 – Women’s Glasses Trends

by admin on January 10, 2013

Eyeglasses, much like the rest of the fashion world follow normal fashion trends. While there will always be standard classic designs that look good during any given year, there are also more bold designs that stand out from the crowd.

These frames that stand out from the crowd are the current trend forward glasses, and while they may not be for everyone, they’re perfect for the more daring and fashion savvy consumers. See below for our guide on 2013’s hottest trends for women’s glasses. Also, remember to check out our guide to picking the right frame for your face shape as well, since certain frames will look better on some regardless of what’s seasonally trendy.

AC Lens Guide to 2013 Eyeglasses Trends

Tall Frames

One particular trend we’ve noticed is that taller rims have become increasingly popular, especially for women’s eyeglasses. While frame shapes range from cat-eyed to circular, they all seem to have a common theme of having rims that are nearly as tall as they are wide. Look for wayfarer styled frames to lead the way in popularity, although circular and cat-eyed frames will likely be the “trendiest” picks for the 2013 year.

Calvin Klein CK 5650

Frames such as the CK 5650 show off a taller profile coupled with a retro-inspired frame pattern for a uniquely fashionable look.

Judith St. James JSJ Daffodil

The Judith St. James Daffodil Eyeglasses show off a highly trendy cat-eyed frame that combines translucent rims with artistic patterns.

Colored and Patterned Frame Styles

Another trend that’s become popular is the use of colored and patterned frames. During 2012, pastel and super bright colored frames were highly popular, and while it’s not necessary to wear bright frames as much as it was in 2012, colored frames are still expected to be more fashion savvy than their mono-colored counterparts. More than just colored frames, look for eyeglasses with translucent or clear frame details to become more popular throughout the year, especially when coupled with vintage styling.

Ray Ban RX 5255

Ray Ban’s RX 5255 frames use a traditional vintage black design, then pairs it with bold purple highlights for a classic look that stands above the rest.

Calvin Klein CK 5531

The Calvin Klein 5531 frame uses a unique two tone color combination with a translucent frame for a trendy appearance. 

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