Advantages of Weekly and Monthly Contact Lenses

by admin on January 7, 2013

We’ve already covered the advantages of daily disposable contact lenses for our readers, yet weekly and monthly contact lenses remain the most popular variety of lens. So why would so many prefer weekly and monthly contact lenses when they can take advantage of the convenience of daily disposable lenses?

Why You Should Consider Weekly or Monthly Disposable Lenses

Weekly and monthly disposable lenses dominate the contact lens market, with ever popular lens brands such as Acuvue Oasys and Air Optix being the most popular selections by consumers and eye care professionals. So what advantages do these lenses offer?


Air Optix Contact Lenses


Cost: First off, weekly and monthly disposable lenses offer a highly affordable solution to correcting vision via corrective lenses. Daily disposable contact lenses are much more expensive when accounting for an entire year’s supply of lenses, and offer only slightly less care than their weekly disposable counterparts. In contrast, long-term lenses such as RGP and vial contact lenses cost a ton of money up front, and become highly expensive if one loses or breaks their lens and one is forced to replace the lens early.

Acuvue Oasys

Comfort: While most would say that daily disposable lenses are more comfortable than weekly or monthly disposable lenses when first put in, weekly and monthly disposable lenses still offer a high level of comfort and easy wear when compared to most other lens varieties. Weekly and monthly disposable lenses are designed to be highly resistant to protein deposits and dirt building up, whereas daily disposable lenses are not made to resist dirt and deposits. As a result of this, daily disposable lenses may become increasingly uncomfortable as the day wears on, whereas the monthly or weekly disposable lens remains comfortable late into the evening or night. For some varieties such as Air Optix Night and Day, the wearer may even be able to wear their lenses overnight without removing or replacing the lens.


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