Stylish Reading Glasses For 2013

by admin on December 3, 2012

When people think about eyewear and fashion, they normally look to sunglasses or prescription frame eyeglasses for the latest fashion trends. While prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses will likely remain notorious for leading the current fashion trends, don’t discount reading glasses from helping to sculpt a unique look.

Reading glasses not only are made with similar styles to the most popular eyeglass frames, they also are much less expensive than  their prescription frame counterparts, which makes purchasing designer quality reading glasses fun and easy. Since reading glasses are significantly lower cost than standard eyeglasses, they also make perfect gifts for the holiday season.

Popular Reading Glasses for 2013

California Optix Eyestic Reading Glasses

The Eyestic reading glasses obey minimalist fashion trends, and offer a unique low profile appearance that’s popular for on-the-run use. The Eyestic readers are ideal for those who don’t want a pair of reading glasses for all-day wear, but simply need readers for occasional use that won’t look bad while being worn.

Tortoise Frame Designer Reading Glasses

Tortoise shell patterns have always been popular, and when you combine the stylish pattern with unique plastic frames, you get a vintage inspired look with a sense of personality.

I.Line Edgeglow Reading Glasses

 Simplicity is incredibly important for reading glasses, and no readers offer a more with less like the I.Line Edgeglow reading glasses. The Edgeglow readers are named such since the rimless lenses have a light tint on the edge of the lenses, giving them a distinct and unique appearance.

Corinne McCormack Nicole Reading Glasses

Corinne McCormack’s Nicole Reading Glasses offer designer level style with a distinct frame and an artistic color profile. The Nicole reading glasses offer a style that can be worn all day, and is perfect f0r a contemporary look that’s appropriate for both a night out or a day at home.

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