Kids Sports Glasses: Prescription Frames For Athletes

by admin on November 2, 2012

Eyeglasses and sports are not compatible.  Most eyeglasses are manufactured with stiff metal or plastic frames that are only meant to correct vision while at school, work, or during any non strenuous activity. But what happens when you’re playing an intense game of basketball and your glasses keep falling off? What happens when someone bumps you in the face and your glasses shatter?

Most children who are involved in athletics have this very problem, and this is one of the many reasons kids are choosing to wear contact lenses earlier and earlier. But what about children who aren’t ready for contact lenses? Children who wear eyeglasses have to choose between awkwardly wearing glasses during athletic events, or being half-blind while trying to play a sport that requires accurate vision.

Kids Sport Eyeglasses: Glasses For Young Athletes

Hilco Sport Eyeglasses

Hilco T'Zone Glasses





Luckily, AC Lens carries children’s eyeglasses made exclusively for athletes.

  • Made by Hilco, the Jam’n Sport and T-Zone prescription eyeglasses (as seen above) use high strength plastic in a goggle style frame, which helps to prevent any damage from impact.
  • The Hilco kid’s prescription glasses feature rubber emplacements on the temple and nose bridge, along with a velcro strap, which prevents the glasses from jostling or falling off while running, jumping, kicking, or passing.
  • Finally, lenses used in the Hilco sport eyeglasses are resistant to cracking or shattering, which prevents any harm to the eyes in the event that the glasses would break.

Poor Vision and Sports Performance

If your child is having issues with their vision, it’s imperative to schedule an eye exam with an eye care specialist. Poor vision has been proven to negatively affect athletic performance regardless of whether the athlete is a professional, or simply playing ball on the playground.

If your child has access to proper vision correction while they’re participating in athletics, they’ll have a level playing field to play on, and won’t fall victim to not seeing the ball clearly. Additional to sports performance, it’s highly important to make sure your child has accurate vision for school performance and self esteem issues. Children who ignore vision correction traditionally underachieve in not just athletics, but in school and other activities as well.


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