Sclera Lenses: Dramatic Full Eye Contacts

by admin on October 26, 2012

With Halloween only a few days out,  AC Lens decided to celebrate the holiday by adding an extraordinarily dramatic lens style to our special effects lens collection. The new lenses we added are known as Sclera Contact Lenses, and they’re not your ordinary run of the mill costume contact lenses.

Scleral lenses are unique in that they’re as large as the full surface of your eye. Since Sclera lenses cover the entire eye, they can give a dynamic, frightening, and dramatic appearance that’s entirely unique to special effect lenses. Scleral lenses have been featured in a variety of movies and theatrical performances for a chilling look that doesn’t appear human in any way.

How To Insert Scleral Lenses

Sclera Contact Lenses are a bit different than normal lenses since they cover the full eye. Because of this, insertion and removal is a bit different than with traditional lenses. Since scleral lenses cover the entire eye, most of the lens weight rests on the sclera, the white portion of the eye that’s covered by the eyelid.

When inserting sclera lenses, lift up your eyelid while also pushing back your lower lid. Tilt your head back, and gently place the lens on your eye. When it’s in place properly, you let go of your eyelid, and your lens should fit comfortably and clearly.

Sclera Contact Lenses at AC Lens

AC Lens currently carries four varieties of sclera lenses. Sclera lenses include the Black Sclera Contact Lenses, Red Sclera Contact Lenses, Mini Black Sclera, and Mini Red Sclera Lenses, which cover a smaller area of the eye than traditional scleral eye contact lenses.

As with all contact lens products, each sclera lens requires a prescription from your eye doctor prior to purchase. Due to the seasonal nature of special effect contact lenses, all sales on Sclera contact lenses are final, and refunds or exchanges are not valid.

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