Are Halloween Contact Lenses Safe?

by admin on October 18, 2012

Many contact lens wearers wonder whether costume contact lenses are safe for wear, and whether they’re worth the risk in order to create a great look. Special effect contact lenses worn near Halloween have become a source of concern regarding eye damage and eye infections, and many people wonder whether the lenses themselves are to blame.

AC Lens features a broad selection of FDA approved costume contact lenses, and we want to support healthy and safe wear of lenses this Halloween.

Are Special Effect Contact Lenses Safe To Wear?

Costume contact lenses ARE just as safe to wear as traditional contacts, but they’re also misused more frequently than traditional lenses. Additional to misuse, many retailers  ignore regulations when selling costume lenses, taking advantage of individuals who don’t know much about lens safety and health.

Why Are Costume Lenses Misused?

Unlike traditional contact lenses, costume contact lenses are worn by many individuals who have never worn contact lenses before. Since there is a high volume of people wearing costume lenses who’ve never worn contacts before, there is also a high level of misuse of the lenses. It’s not uncommon for first-time lens wearers to ignore proper lens cleaning, ignore lens safety practices, and to leave lenses in when they’re causing mild irritation.

Why Do Costume Lenses Require a Prescription?


Contact lenses are medical devices, and not all contacts are compatible with everyone’s eyes. Because of this, contact lenses are regulated by the FDA for safety, and require prescription from an eye care professional prior to purchase.

Despite regulations put in place to prevent the sale and purchase of special effect contact lenses, many companies still sell costume lenses to customers without a prescription. While wearing contact lenses may seem simple, a lens that doesn’t fit, or a lens that isn’t compatible with your eye can cause a lot of health problems, including eye infection, eye damage, and extensive irritation.

Additional to health concerns posed by wearing lenses that are not compatible with your eyes, many lenses that aren’t approved by the FDA use low grade materials and irritating dyes that are not safe for wear.

How Do I Find Contacts That Are Safe To Wear?

First: Visit an eye doctor to get fitted for a contact lens prescription and discuss your overall goals for lens wear. Eye care professionals are experts at caring for your eyes, and can give you a prescription for contact lenses even if you do not need vision correction.

Second: Ask your eye doctor how to properly care for your lenses. Learning contact lens hygiene, how to insert and remove, and how to keep your eyes comfortable and healthy is very important for preventing eye infection and vision damage.

Third: Make sure you purchase costume lenses from a source that only sells FDA approved special effect lenses AND requires a lens prescription. Costume contact lenses that are approved via the FDA and purchased from a source that requires a prescription are certified safe and healthy for your eyes.


If you already have a lens prescription, head over to our costume contact lens page to shop for costume contacts that are FDA approved and safe to wear!


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