Halloween Contacts For Popular Costumes

by admin on October 8, 2012

If you’re shopping for costumes this year, and want to find the right Halloween lenses to match your costume selection, we wrote a convenient guide on which special effects lenses work best with the most popular costumes for 2012.

We took some of the most popular costumes from our friends at Spirit Halloween, and matched them with lenses that best suit each individual costume. Read our guide below on which lenses work best with specific costumes for Halloween 2012!

Mystical Sorceress Adult Women’s Costume

 For this costume, we found the best matching lens is one that shows off a beautiful and mysterious look. For this purpose, we highly recommend the Angelic Blue Halloween Lens, as it matches the color scheme, and shows off a bright and wizardly look that fits the costume’s feel perfectly.


Versailles Vampiress Adult Women’s Costume

As one would expect, picking contact lenses for a vampire costume means you’ll be looking for red contact lenses. We found the perfect red lens for a victorian style vampire costume is the aptly named Vampire Red lens, which shows off a bloodthirsty and frightening look. For other vampire costumes, check out the Just One Bite costume.



Zombie Bride Costume

Zombie costumes are always popular, and one can expect zombies to be more popular this year with their growing popularity due to shows like AMC’s the walking dead. We suggest our Zombie White contact lenses, as they give a lifeless look that’s both frightening, and highly realistic. Other popular zombie costumes such as the Zombie Nightgown Costume, and the Prom Queen Zombie Costume also fit well with any Zombie style lens.



Carver The Clown Costume

It’s tough to place a finger on why clowns are so creepy, but nothing sends more chills down one’s back than a devious clown. If you’re intent is to scare as many people as possible, then we recommend using lenses that give a psychotic look such as the Red Sclera Lenses.



Broomstick Babe Witch Costume

If you’re looking to be a witch this year, you can choose to be a frightening sorceress as seen in the Purple Robe Witch Costume, or you can be a beautiful witch with the Broomstick Babe Costume. Regardless of which way you chose, every witch can benefit by adding mysterious looking lenses to their costume. We love the Dark Elf Contact Lens for both costumes, as it’s beautiful, yet mysteriously frightening at the same time.



Regardless of what you choose to dress up for on Halloween, check out our Halloween lens selection for a full selection of wild and crazy contact lenses that can contribute to any costume. Halloween lenses are fun, safe, and can make your costume infinitely more frightening, beautiful, or mysterious, depending on your goal. As with all lenses, a prescription from an eye doctor is require prior to purchase as lenses that aren’t cared for properly can lead to eye infections.

Happy Halloween, and enjoy the haunting!

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