Halloween Contact Lens Videos and Reviews

by admin on October 3, 2012

If you’re looking for inspiration on how to create better costumes, or how to better use your costume contact lenses, watch the videos provided below for some truly frightening uses of Halloween contact lenses.

We really like not only the creative use of lenses, but the intricate makeup work and the time and dedication put into each of these costumes!

This video features the popular White Out Contact Lens, which offers a creepy look that can go with a wide variety of costumes.

This video also features the White Out Lens, showing just how versatile this lens can be.

This costume expert uses only one lens, that being a Zombie Green Contact Lens. While wearing only one lens isn’t popular, it’s a creative idea, and we’ve also seem some costumers use two separate lenses in each eye for a unique contrasting look.

This video shows the costume maker using Red Contact Lenses creatively to look like the terminator.

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