How To Make a Cat Costume For Halloween

by admin on September 24, 2012

Cat costumes have always been popular female Halloween costumes, and are a popular costume choice for both adults and children.

If you’re looking for an easy, inexpensive, yet fun Halloween costume this year, read our guide below on how to create a homemade cat costume. If you’re looking to take your cat costume to the next level this year without putting in a ton of extra effort, we highly recommend checking out our Halloween contact lenses. We feature a variety of lenses that are specifically designed with a cat-eyed look.

How to Make a Cat Halloween Costume With Special Effect Contact Lenses

  • To start your cat costume, find a one-color outfit that’s relatively form fitting. We generally recommend wearing black, but if you want to be creative, picking another common cat color such as orange or white can work as well.
  • Purchase a headband. Once you have a headband, find material in which you can cut out triangles that can attach to the headband to form cat ears. We recommend using posterboard to create cat ears from, but many people have luck with construction paper, cardboard, fabric, or other materials. The most important part is that the material matches the costume color, and can attach to the headband effectively.
  • Purchase a feather or maribou boa, then find a thin over-sized belt (we recommend looking to a thrift store for a belt). Loop the belt as you normally would, but put it on backwards so that the belt connects in your back. You’ll need to punch a hole in the belt to fit properly. Once you have the belt on backward, you should have a significant portion of the belt hanging out. Attach the boa to the extra belt material, which effectively doubles as a costume belt and tail all in one. Strong glue, or thin string should be enough to keep the boa attached to the belt.
  • Draw three lines on your cheeks to act as the whiskers. A washable marker, eyeliner, or costume makeup all are effective for drawing whiskers. Once you’ve added whiskers, color the tip of your nose the same as your whiskers for a more detailed look.
  • Pick out a pair of cat-eyed contact lenses from AC Lens. Cat eyed lenses are fun, creative, and give an unmistakable feline look to your costume. To shop for cat-eyed lenses, navigate to our special effects contact lenses page here, then scroll down to the “cool and fun lenses” section, which features a variety of cat themed lenses.

Cat Eyed Lens





Have Fun While Out On Halloween Night!

Overall, cat costumes are fun and easy to make. Many people go into great detail adding specialized cat fur, detailed cat makeup, or other props such as a ball of yarn, or catnip. The best part of being a cat for Halloween, is that you can customize the costume to fit your individual personality.


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