AC Lens Introduces Men’s and Women’s Eyeglasses

by admin on September 19, 2012

AC Lens is proud to announce that we’re now a full scale retailer of designer and discount eyeglasses for men, women and children. Starting at just $69, customers can choose from a selection of over 400 eyeglasses, including designer frames, discount frames, and specialty eyeglass frames made for extra durability, sports performance, or other specific applications. Oh, and did we mention that shipping is free and returns cost nothing on ALL eyeglasses orders?

Advantages Of Buying Glasses At AC Lens
Ray Ban Eyeglasses

If you’re like many people, you may be wondering why you would purchase your glasses online through AC Lens, when you can simply visit an optometrist where you can try on glasses and make an in-store purchase.

While purchasing glasses in person has it’s advantages, we’re confident that we can provide even more advantages to our customers than buying eyeglasses in a store. See below for reasons why ordering glasses through AC Lens is the best way to purchase eyeglasses.

AC Lens Offers Huge Savings On Designer Eyeglasses

Similar to how we save customers money through their contact lens purchases, we can sell glasses frames at a much lower price due to bulk discounting. Since we purchase and sell more eyeglasses than smaller stores would, we can keep our prices as low as possible, leaving the customer with the same high quality glasses without having to pay designer prices. Savings vary by frame style, but savings can be as high as 70% over standard retail prices.

30 Day Free Return Policy With No Restocking Fees

If for some reason, you’re not satisfied with the glasses you selected, there is zero risk involved since we have a 30 day free return policy, with no shipping charges on orders OR returns, and zero restocking fees.

Free Shipping Eyeglasses

Virtual Try-On Tool & Virtual Frame Selector

Not sure how glasses will look on you without trying them on? No need to worry, just upload a picture to our virtual try-on tool, and you can see how the glasses would look if you were wearing them in any picture. Our virtual try-on tool is just one way that customers can find the perfect frame for their lifestyle.

If you’re having trouble figuring out what frame style you want, try using our virtual frame selector, which can help to narrow the list of glasses down to the frame styles you would be most interested in.

Try On Eyeglasses Online

AC Lens Features a Huge Selection Of Name Brand Glasses

AC Lens features a massive variety of glasses frames to choose from, giving all customers a wide variety of options. For designer savvy consumers, we’re proud to carry designer frames from Vogue, Ray-Ban, Calvin Klein, and more. For cost conscious consumers, we sell quality frames starting as low as $69.

Shop for Men’s Eyeglasses

Shop For Women’s Eyeglasses

Shop for Kid’s Eyeglasses

High Grade Lenses are Used In All Glasses Purchased At AC Lens

All lenses used are built with an impact resistant lens, a scratch resistant coating, and built in protection against UV rays. Additional features can be added such as anti-reflective coating, roll polish, or high index lens varieties.

Try Glasses On In-Store, Buy Online

For many, they still may want to try glasses on in a store prior to making a purchase. If we carry the same frame style, we’ll probably be able to save you anywhere from 30-70% off the standard retail pricing seen around eyeglasses stores.

Buy eyeglasses online now at AC Lens.

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