Make A Vampire Costume With Halloween Contacts

by admin on September 14, 2012

Vampires and Halloween go together like Christmas and Santa Claus. If you’re an avid Halloween fan, you’ve probably seen countless vampires haunting the streets on Halloween, and you may have even dressed up as one in the past. If you’re interested in taking your vampire costume to the next level this year, you’re in the right spot, as we’ve written a guide on making frighteningly real vampire costumes.

How to Make A Vampire Costume For Halloween 2012


One of the most important aspects of building a life-like vampire costume is picking what type of vampire you want to be. While the concept of a vampire is relatively simple, there are a wide variety of vampires that have been fictionalized ever since Count Dracula was made into one of horror’s most famous characters over 100 years ago. The two common varieties of vampires are classic gothic vampires, and modern vampires.

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Building a Classic Gothic Vampire Costume

  • Traditional vampire costumes start with gothic victorian style clothing, primarily in the colors of red and black. You’ll need a black cape, and a mix of dark formal style clothing. Many find wearing a white collared shirt with a vest and dark slacks to work well when combined with a cape. If you don’t have an old suit, try finding a thrift store to purchase dress slacks without spending an exorbitant amount of money.
  • Makeup is necessary for traditional vampires. Since vampires don’t ever come out when the sun is around, they always appear quite pale. Try adding some white powdered makeup to your face to give a pale ghastly look. Fake blood is important as well, since vampires are always feeding, and a small stream near your mouth is generally all that’s needed. Finally, to give a proper Victorian appearance, add some hair gel and slick your hair back.
  • Vampire contact lenses, and fake teeth will complete the costume. We suggest using our vampire red contacts for a bloodthirsty appearance, although there are a wide variety of vampire contact lenses to choose from. Fake teeth are necessary for classic vampire costumes as well, and they can be purchased at local costume shops for a low price.

Building a Modern Vampire Costume

  • Most modern vampire costumes are inspired from the hit Twilight series, although not all modern vampires are related to twilight. Most new-age vampire costumes are built as normal people who have a vampiric edge to them. As such, the most important aspect is in the subtle details such as the eyes and hair. Some choose some minor eye shadow, but this isn’t necessary for all costumes.
  • Many people may choose to dress up in the same manner as a specific character from a popular movie series such as Twilight, Underworld, or Blade. For twilight characters, it’s best to look at what those characters wore most during the movie, then try to replicate the look, which may even be possible with your current wardrobe. Characters from movies such as Blade and Underworld have made all-black leather costumes popular for neo-vampire looks.
  • Apply appropriate contact lenses. For Twilight characters, AC Lens features specific lenses designed for the characters, such as the Edward Cullen contacts, or the New Moon contact lenses.

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I have seen this cute Victorian Vampire Costume for girls on Youtube link below

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