How To Make A Zombie Costume For Halloween 2012

by admin on September 4, 2012

While it’s not quite Halloween yet, it’s that time of year where die-hard halloween fans try to determine what type of monster or villain they’ll portray for their favorite holiday. Last year at AC Lens, we unveiled a broad selection of creepy and crazy Halloween contact lenses that can take any costume to the next level.

This year, we have even more lenses available, and we’ll be covering how to use special effects contacts with some of the costumes that will surely be popular for Halloween 2012.

How to Make a Zombie Halloween Costume

Zombies are sure to be one of the more popular choices for Halloween costumes in 2012. Zombies have always been a popular choice on Halloween, but with popular television shows like AMC’s The Walking Dead, and a summer media frenzy over the Miami “bath salt zombie”, one could expect zombies to be among the most popular costumes for both adults and children.

Step 1: Find Zombie Clothing

Zombie clothing can be anything and everything. The most important aspect of clothing for zombies is that the clothing is ragged, ripped, and dirty. Most costumers prefer to use old clothing found at a thrift store, as it’s very cost effective, will often be tattered already, and can be thrown out once Halloween is over. While any clothing will work, some may find wearing more dramatic and glamorous clothing such as wedding gowns and tuxedos adds to the overall frightfulness.

Once you’ve found some apparel you feel comfortable with, add plenty of rips, and then add fake blood near the rips on the clothing to signify a wound, or zombie “bite”. If you’re trying to portray a zombie that rose from a grave, rubbing the clothing in dirt and soot can add a “freshly risen” look to the clothing.

Step 2: Use Liquid Latex To Make Realistic Flesh Wounds

Liquid latex is the same material used by Hollywood to create wounds that look incredibly real. Liquid latex can be purchased online here, or through a local Costume shop at a relatively low price. Liquid latex is applied to the skin, and dries on the skin to form a rubbery layer that can be molded at will. For an extra realistic zombie look, try experimenting with applying latex over a layer of oatmeal to simulate rotten flesh. Other materials can be creatively used when placed under the liquid latex for a macabre and frightening Zombie appearance.

Step 3: Apply Zombie Makeup

Zombie makeup can be incredibly complex, but it doesn’t have to be. After all, some Zombies are more “decayed” than others, and in a lot of cases, a good amount of fake blood combined with some strategic use of eye shadow will get the job done with very little effort. See our steps below for how to apply highly realistic zombie makeup.

  • Once you’re done applying liquid latex, apply a pale base-layer of face paint or facial makeup over the latex area.
  • Almost all zombies will need some form of eye shadow below the eyes. The more “dead” one would want to look, the darker the eye shadow should be. Eye shadow can also be added beneath the chin and in the center of the cheeks for added realism. Adding hints of green, brown, and yellow color in areas covered by darker shadow makeup can add an even more realistic effect.
  • Blood should always be applied to the hands and the mouth, to signify zombie “feeding”. Use fake blood liberally, and make sure to use it on all open wounds and gashes. For realistic and cost effective fake blood, mix corn syrup and red food coloring, then apply where needed.
  • To give a more “dead” look, apply lightening face makeup. A light face that contrasts with darker eyes and cheeks will give a highly realistic appearance.
  • If you have a lot of exposed skin, use the same techniques you used on your face to look “dead”. Green and brown makeup can give a realistic look when used near any “open wounds”.

Step 4: Put In Zombie Contact Lenses

It wouldn’t really make sense for one’s entire body to look like a zombie, with their eyes perfectly normal. For a highly realistic and frightening look, zombie themed contact lenses top the entire costume off. See a few of our lenses below for optimal zombie-like eyes.

White Zombie Contact Lenses

White-out contact lenses offer a highly frightening look when combined with a zombie costume. Since eyes go white after death, the white-out look appears quite realistic to outsiders.

Zombie Red Contact Lens

Zombie red contacts are specifically made for zombie costumes of the more bloodthirsty variety.

Berserker Contact Lenses

The “Berserker” contact lens is a good combination of the previous two lenses, and shows off a bloodthirsty look perfect for the undead.

Step 5: Find Some Props, and Enjoy Your Costume!

Adding props can be a fun part of being a zombie. Whatever your character would have been carrying before their moment of death is a good choice for a zombie prop. For women, they may find dolls, purses, flower bouqets or any other relevant item to enhance their undead image. Men may find sporting equipment, briefcases, or even (fake) weapons to be useful for zombie costumes.

Other Thoughts on Making Zombie Costumes

While zombies are typically on the frightening side of Halloween costumes, they don’t necessarily have to be. Dressing up as a “celebrity zombie” is a fun way to add humor and irony to a classic halloween costume. As with anything Halloween related, be sure to practice safety and caution, and most of all, have fun!



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