Brewsees Bottle Opener Sunglasses – Open A Beer With Your Eyewear

by admin on August 24, 2012

Have you ever been out at a barbecue, brought over a fresh six pack, then realized you forgot the bottle opener to open your drinks with? If you’re like many, you’ve experienced lacking a bottle opener, and likely had to ask someone at the Barbecue to borrow one.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be that guy anymore. We’re introducing a uniquely awesome pair of shades that are designed with built in bottle openers on the ear pieces, so instead of having to borrow a bottle opener, you can be the hero who always has a bottle opener handy.


Brewsees Bottle Opener Sunglasses

Brewsees 12oz’er Bottle Opener Sunglasses Review

The Brewsees 12oz’er Original Bottle Opener Sunglasses are built with a black plastic wrap-style frame. The wrap style makes these sunglasses practical for outdoor wear, which makes these glasses perfect for camping, barbecues, boating, picnics, outdoor concerts, or any outdoor activity where you would want both sunglasses and a bottle opener on hand.

The temple pieces are built with a thick construction to avoid breaking while opening stubborn bottles. Because of the durability needed for opening bottles, the Brewsees Sunglasses are surprisingly rugged, and even when not being used for their bottle opening practicality, they’re high quality sunglasses suited for all activities.

Aside from the obvious qualities that make the Brewsees fun and functional sunglasses, they’re highly affordable, costing less than $39 for each pair. The low cost aspect of Brewsees Sunglasses make them ideal for gift giving or specialized wear for specific occasions.

Overall, we love the Brewsees Sunglasses, as they’re practical, fun, and at the very minimum, great for starting conversation at a social gathering. To buy a pair of the Brewsees 12oz’er Original Bottle Opener Sunglasses, visit AC Lens to purchase a pair.

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