Olympic Sunglasses and Performance Eyewear

by admin on August 2, 2012

By now, most athletes know how important having the right equipment can be for competitive sports. While we already discussed why Olympic swimmers wear goggles, there are many other 2012 Olympic sports that show off how performance eyewear can give a competitive advantage.

2012 Olympic Sports That Use Sunglasses and Performance Eyewear

Biking / Cycling

If you’ve ever watched a competitive biking event, one of the first things you’ll notice is how every biker will be wearing performance sunglasses. While sunglasses serve to protect the eyes from the sun during long biking events, the primary reason most bikers wear sport sunglasses is to keep wind out of their eyes.

Smith Optics Parrallel Max Sunglasses Athletic Wraparound Sunglasses Such as Smith Parrallel Max Sunglasses Are Ideal For Cycling


 Sand Volleyball

Similar to biking, sand Olympic volleyball athletes wear sunglasses for more than just sun protection. Sand volleyball players are constantly diving into, and kicking up sand, and if that sand gets in their eyes, it can cause problems for performance and comfort. While not all sand volleyball  athletes wear performance sunglasses, the athletes who do wear sunglasses need them to grip their face in a strong manner while they’re diving and jumping around the court.

Beach Volleyball Sunglasses Beach Volleyball Athletes Typically Wear Lightweight Wraparound Sunglasses That Grip Their Face


 Competitive Shooting

Whenever you’re firing a rifle, pistol, or any type of firearm, it’s incredibly important to wear safety glasses. Not wearing eye protection while firing a gun is highly risky as shells or misfires can send shrapnel flying into the user’s eyes. More than just protection, shooting glasses can shield the eyes from the wind when outdoors, and many like added benefits that some shooting glasses offer such as tinted lenses. If you’re watching any type of shooting event in the olympics this year, you’ll be sure to find safety glasses worn by every competitor.

Gargoyles Safety Glasses Gargoyles Safety Glasses Use Ballistic Defense Grade Materials To Protect The Eyes

Competitive Distance Running

Competitive distance runners don’t always wear eye protection, but more and more are starting to wear sport tint contact lenses to shield their eyes from excess glare. Some runners have worn sunglasses in the past, but sunglasses can be cumbersome while trying to run 20+ miles in a race. Sun-Tac contact lenses have grown quite a bit in popularity among competitive runners as they lower the overall brightness similar to sunglasses would, without changing outdoor colors, and without adding excess weight.

Sport Tint Sun Tac Lenses Sun Tac Lenses Act Like Sunglasses In Contact Lens Form


Overall, almost any athlete can benefit from protective eyewear. Even basketball players who play indoor will occasionally wear protective prescription goggles, as many find contact lenses dislodge too often when they’re bumping around on the court. Protective eyewear such as sport sunglasses also have standard day-to-day applications that can benefit individuals while they’re driving, sitting out on the beach, or standing around the barbecue.

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