Back-To-School Eye Care Tips

by admin on July 31, 2012

With the school year starting in less than a month for most children, it’s important to remember that proper vision is important for children’s learning. Since vision is so critical in all children’s development, it’s important that their eyesight stays in tip top condition.

It’s important to have a game plan for back to school shopping, or it can otherwise be overwhelming. With a proper eyecare checklist, you can not only make shopping easier, but you can also save money on year-round costs. See our guide below that details how to tackle all aspects of back to school eyecare planning.

Checklist For Back To School Eye Health

        1. Schedule An Eye Exam:  Even if your child has never had vision problems, as was previously mentioned, vision problems often go unreported, and can lead to poor performance, insecurity, and even problems when trying to participate in recreational activities. For children who already have a diagnosed eye condition, it’s a good practice to schedule yearly eye exams to make sure their prescriptions are accurate, up to date, and their eyes are healthy. Scheduling an optical exam prior to school starting is much easier as many eye doctors operate only during the hours in which children are in class.
        2. Decide On Eyeglasses Or Contact Lenses: Many children prefer to wear contact lenses these days over traditional eyeglasses. Caring for contact lenses may seem complex, but most children are capable of learning to care for their contacts at a relatively young age. Consult your doctor to find out which option may be best for you and your children.
        3. Save On Contacts By Buying In Bulk: If you know your child will be wearing contacts for the school year, consider buying lenses in a bulk quantity prior to school starting. By purchasing in bulk, not only will you save money, but it will save you the trouble of having to remember when to order new contacts, and may make scheduling lens replacement easier to remember. Additional to bulk savings, AC Lens will have unique discount opportunities available for back-to-school purchasing, which will be discussed in a post next week.
        4. Buy Accessories To Match Lens Purchase: If you bought a bulk load of lenses, consider doing the same for contact lens cleaner, rewetting drops, and lens cases. For lens cases, consider fun and kid-friendly products such as the Lens Alert Contact Timer Pack which can help children organize their contact lens care to minimize the risks of eye infection.
        5. Consider Any Specialty Lenses or Glasses: While many children prefer contact lenses, it’s helpful to have a spare pair of eyeglasses if they don’t have time to properly care for their contacts in the morning. Some older children may want to wear specialty contacts such as cosmetic contact lenses, or sport tint contacts for the competitive athlete.

Overall, preparing for back to school shopping can be easy as long as you know what you need, and can prepare in advance. If you haven’t scheduled an eye exam, it may be a good idea to schedule an exam soon as many eye doctors will be booked before school starts. For all products within the united states, remember that not only can you save buy purchasing in bulk, but you can also save on shipping with AC Lens’ free shipping policy on all orders over $99 (USA Only).

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