Jitterbug Lens Cleaner: Clean Your Contacts While You Sleep

by admin on July 16, 2012

We love our contacts at AC Lens, but if we’re being honest, cleaning your contacts every day can be a royal pain. Thankfully, we just got a new product in that can help make lens cleaning a piece of cake.

Jitterbug Contact Lens Case

The Jitterbug Contact Lens Case Makes Caring For Contacts Incredibly Easy

Jitterbug Contact Lens Case Review

The Jitterbug Contact Lens Case is a revolutionary contact lens case that cleans your contacts for six straight hours while you’re sleeping comfortably, leaving your contacts clean and fresh when you wake up in the morning. The case works by moving in high frequency vibrations every fifteen minutes, which shakes off protein deposits, removes dirt, and makes sure the lens cleaning solution covers the entire lens.

While a vibrating lens case is awesome by itself, the Jitterbug doesn’t stop there. The drip tray features a magnetic bottom to make sure the case doesn’t detach, a suction cup so you can wall-mount your case while traveling, and a timer that can be customized for your schedule. Best of all, the digital interface will remind you when you need to replace your contacts, which helps to protect against infections and eye problems.

While the Jitterbug doesn’t have any age limitations, it is very kid-friendly with fun animal-themed designs, and the timer helps remind you and your children about lens replacements.

Jitterbug Contact Lens Cleaner

Overall, the Jitterbug saves contact lens wearers time and effort, is great while traveling, and makes the overall cleaning process much easier. The lens case is ideal for all ages, and is particularly practical for children heading back to school with contact lenses.

To shop for the Jitterbug Contact Lens Cleaner, visit AC Lens and navigate to our contact lens cases page, or follow the link below to buy a jitterbug lens cleaner.

Jitterbug Contact Lens Cleaner

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