Prescription Swim Goggles for Kids: Product Review

by admin on June 21, 2012

Now that it’s officially summer, it’s officially pool and beach season. With any water activity, children’s swimming experience can be greatly enhanced by wearing swim goggles, which allow clear vision underwater, and a prevention of getting water splashed in the eyes.

Hilco Z Leader Children’s Prescription Swimming Goggles Review

While most swim goggles are great at protecting children’s eyes from the water, very few children’s swim goggles are made with prescription lenses. Luckily, Hilco makes some amazing prescription swim goggles for both children and adults. While we have a lot of great things to say about Hilco’s prescription goggles, we’ll let our customers do the speaking first since we’ve received such awesome feedback on all our Hilco brand swimming goggles.

To see all our user reviews, click on the “product reviews” tab of our Hilco Children’s Prescription Swim Goggles product page.

Hilco Z Leader Children's Prescription Swim Goggles

Hilco Swimming Goggles are Surprisingly Stylish In Addition To Being Highly Functional

Review 1

I suggested prescription swim goggles to my 9 year old son last summer and he did not want them at all. I insisted and he ended up so very happy that he had them. When you have a slight prescription, it isn’t a big deal to go without your glasses for a little while but when it gets a little worse it is hard to go very long without being able to see clearly. Since he swims on our swim team, it helps especially at night when it gets dark to be able to see where the wall is! I am back buying my second pair this year and recommend that everyone buy them! They are really good goggles. They do not leak. They are definitely worth every cent they cost. Plus, this is a great price. Our local Pediatric Ophthalmologist sells this same brand but for much more.

Review 2

My son has been using these prescription goggles for 3 years. They are simply amazing. His vision is great, fog control is amazing, fit is amazing, and they are stylish as well. Any child that wears glasses should get these for the pool or beach. They will be so happy that they can see while in the water swimming and playing.

Our Take on Hilco’s Children’s Prescription Swim Goggles

Hilco’s Children (Z Leader) Prescription Swim Goggles feature all the high-tech aspects an adult competitive swimmer would want in their swim goggles, yet are comfortable enough for children’s wear. Best of all, they won’t break your wallet like many other prescription swim goggles would.

Hilco’s Children’s Prescription Goggles utilize Anti-Fog technology, full UV-ray blocking lenses, and are even made with high strength impact resistant lenses. The only small downfall we found with these goggles is that they require assembly when they first arrive, but the assembly is really easy and self explanatory.

All swim goggles can be purchased over the counter without a prescription for our customers.



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