Introducing Sport Tint Lenses and Cosmetic Contacts

by admin on June 18, 2012

AC Lens is happy to introduce Sport Tint Lenses and additional Cosmetic Contact Lenses to our product selection, all of which are manufactured by Marietta Vision.

Sport Tint Contact Lenses

Sport Tint Suntac

Sport Tint Lenses Provide an Edge Over The Competition

Sport tint contact lenses are a revolutionary contact lens made exclusively for athletic performance. Sport tint lenses are designed to improve visual accuracy by increasing contrast,reducing glare, and allowing the eyes to pick up details even in the bright sun.

Sport tint lenses use a variety of tints for different purposes, and like traditional contact lenses, can be manufactured for vision correction as well as plano styles.

Cosmetic Contact Lenses

Venus Ice Blue Lenses

Cosmetic Lenses Give a Stunning, Yet Natural Looking Beauty

Additional to sport contacts, AC Lens now has a greater selection of fashionable cosmetic contact lenses. Four new product lines of fashion contact lenses are now available for our customers through our cosmetic lens section.

New fashion lens additions include Venus Lenses, Europa Lenses, Impressions Lenses, and Bella Lenses, all of which are manufactured by Marietta Vision.

As is true with all contact lens products, AC Lens requires a doctor-written prescription to order lenses, and the FDA does not legally approve the sale of any contact lens product without a prescription.

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