How to Clean Your Designer Sunglasses

by admin on June 11, 2012

Now that it’s sunglasses season, most individuals are wearing their fancy summer sunglasses at least 5 days out of the week. While wearing designer shades is a great way to stay fashionable, wearing dirty eyeglasses not only distorts your vision, but also is noticeable by others.

As most sunglasses wearers are keenly aware, sunglasses always find a way to get dirty, regardless of whether you’re mountain biking, or simply driving to work. While most designer sunglasses come with a cleaning cloth, the cloth isn’t the best for long-term cleaning as it may just smear dirt on the lenses, instead of fully cleaning your glasses. We want our customers to love their sunglasses, so we wrote a guide on how to effectively clean your sunglasses without damaging or scratching the lenses.

How to Clean Designer Sunglasses

What you need, and why you need it:

  • Warm Water – Warm water helps to loosen deposits without damaging lenses.
  • Soft Cotton Cloth – Soft cotton typically will not harm or scratch your lenses. Be careful to avoid paper-based products such as paper towels and tissue paper.
  • Mild Dish-Soap – Dish soap is already designed to clean and shine glass and plastic products without causing harm. More than being an effective cleaner, dish soap also provides a mild protective coating that can preserve clarity, prevent fog, and reduce dirt from sticking to the lens.

Follow these 5 steps to effectively clean your glasses:

  1. Start off by running your eyeglasses under warm water. Warm water will help to heat any dirt and oil on the surface, which will make eliminating stubborn smudges rather easy.
  2. Grab mild liquid dish soap, and apply a drop on your fingers. Gently rub your fingers over the lenses and frames. If your sunglasses have graphic decals printed on them, be careful not to apply pressure, as this can potentially harm or remove any printed designs. Make sure to rub both the inside and outside of your lens.
  3. Thoroughly rinse your sunglasses off with warm water.
  4. Lightly dry and polish your lenses with a cotton cloth. Be careful around any printed graphics, as they can still can be damaged or scratched.
  5. Grab your frames, and inspect them to see if you missed any spots. If your lenses look clear, you should be ready to go.


For minor smudges, the standard sunglasses cloth included with purchase is generally effective. Using dish soap is also an effective way to prevent swim goggles fog, and to clean standard eyeglasses.


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{ 1 comment… read it below or add one }' Brian April 19, 2014 at 8:53 pm

Mild dish soap really works well here in Naples, Florida. After a day at the beach my glasses get fuzzy with ocean mist and sunblock residue. Microfiber dust free cloths are my favorite for everyday cleaning of fingerprints and smudges.

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