Product Spotlight: Air-Optix Contact Lenses

by admin on June 4, 2012

Air Optix Aqua has been among the most popular and well regarded contact lens brands ever since it’s initial introduction a few years back.

Formerly manufactured by Ciba Vision,  Air Optics contact lenses are now produced by the well-known eye-care company Alcon. Despite different owners, the Air-Optix lenses are the same now as they were when they were first introduced a few years back. Air Optix are made for monthly disposal, and include the revolutionary Air Optix Night and Day lens, which can be worn for up to 30 straight days without needing to remove or change lenses.

Air Optix Contact Aqua

Air-Optix Are Known For Their Comfortable Extended-Wear Contact Lenses

What Makes Air-Optix Contacts So Popular?

Air Optix are manufactured with unique patented “TriComfort Technology”. Tricomfort technology is named as such since it allows maximum breathability, maximum moisture retention, all while resisting irritating deposits. When compared to traditional soft contact lenses, Air-Optix allow up to 5x more oxygen to reach the eye, which creates a unique oxygen rich environment for the eye to breathe in. An ultra-smooth lens surface makes Air-Optix lenses resistant to protein buildup, and even helps to reduce seasonal eye allergies.

Due to their high tech design, Air Optix lenses are highly comfortable, and easy to wear. Additional to high-tech lens design, Air-Optix lenses are made for all common eye conditions including astigmatism (toric lenses) and presbyopia (bifocal contacts).

 If you currently wear Air-Optix lenses, we encourage you to share your opinions on them via our product reviews. As with all contact lenses, Air-Optix Aqua require a prescription from your eye doctor in order to purchase them through AC Lens.

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