Advantages of Extended Wear Overnight Contact Lenses

by admin on May 30, 2012

Many life-long contact lens wearers ask what’s big the deal with extended wear contacts? After all, why would someone want to sleep in their contact lenses when they can’t see anything in the first place?

While this may be a valid reason as to why one should avoid wearing contact lenses overnight, it doesn’t mean that extended wear contact lenses don’t have advantages over traditional lenses. Traditionally speaking, most contact lenses are designed only for daily wear, and since the lens itself deprives the cornea of oxygen, they are unsafe for overnight wear. Because of this, lens manufacturers created the very first overnight contact lens in the early 1980’s.

Are Extended Wear Contacts More Comfortable Than Traditional Contacts?

As with all types of contact lenses, extended wear contacts have advantages to offer consumers. Overnight extended wear contact lenses feature a high level of oxygen permeability, and also are designed to avoid protein deposits, making wearing contacts for as long as 30 days  a possibility. While wearing lenses overnight and for 30 straight days may be possible for some, not all individuals will be able to comfortably do this.

This is where some confusion occurs with extended wear contacts. Just because extended wear contact lenses can be worn overnight and for long durations, doesn’t mean they have to be worn that way.

Air Optix Night and Day Aqua

While Extended Wear Contacts *Can* Be Worn Overnight, They May Offer Greater Comfort Than Standard Lenses If Worn Similar To Standard Lenses


Most individuals actually find that if they treat their extended wear contact lenses like traditional lenses, they actually experience a greater level of comfort than standard lenses since the high oxygen content provides an extremely healthy environment for your eyes, and the lenses don’t build protein deposits throughout the day like traditional lenses. The other primary benefit is that for those occasional nights where you fall asleep while forgetting to change your contacts, you don’t have to worry about waking up with sore irritated eyes.

While contact lens comfort varies on an individual basis, we’ve found that many customers find when they wear their extended wear contacts only during the day, and regularly clean the lenses at night, they get the highest level of comfort possible out of any lens.

Biofinity Contact Lens

Biofinity Is a Popular Weekly Extended Wear Lens

Are Extended Wear Lenses Right For You?

As with all lenses, ask your doctor about extended wear lens brands. If you have a habit of forgetting to remove your lenses at night, or if you simply want a more comfortable lens, extended wear contacts may be ideal for your lifestyle. While some may be able to effortlessly wear lenses for a week or even a month straight, not all customers will be able to do this, and it’s recommended to clean your lenses daily regardless of whether you wear your lenses overnight or not.

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