Product Spotlight: Gargoyles Sunglasses

by admin on May 18, 2012

Gargoyles Sunglasses are heavy duty sunglasses and safety glasses made to protect your eyes from more than just the sun. Gargoyles brand sunglasses originated in the late 1970’s when their founder innovated a toric lens design that could protect the eyes from harm without distorting vision.

This lens design was revolutionary, since at the time, lenses were built in two ways; flat with strong optical qualities, but no protection from the elements, or curved with strong protection, but bad optical quality.

Over the years, Gargoyles developed a reputation for being rugged, heavy duty sunglasses that were as tough as the men and women who wore them. While performance is the most important part of Gargoyles shades, they have a rugged fashion appeal that has been popularized by movies such as The Terminator, and by athletes such as Adrian Gonzalez.

Gargoyles Sunglasses Gargoyles Aviator Style Sunglasses

Modern Gargoyles sunglasses feature ballistic defense lenses that are up to 6x stronger than standard polycarbonate lenses, 100% protection from all UVB and UVA rays, and high grade frames designed to withstand a beating. Additional to their rugged design, Gargoyles are crafted with adjustable nose pieces and firm rubber ear pieces so that they grip your face while you’re taking part in any intense physical activity.

Gargoyles Safety Glasses Gargoyles Safety Glasses Protect The Eyes With Ballistic Defense Lenses Without Sacrificing Clarity


Overall, for anybody who needs sunglasses or safety glasses that are as rugged as they are, Gargoyles are a premier designer choice of sun glasses that are made for performance as well as fashion. Read reviews of Gargoyles sunglasses online at AC Lens, and order your Gargoyles online to save money.


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