Preservative Free Eye Drops: Why Natural Eye Drops Matter

by admin on May 15, 2012

When people think of “natural” and “preservative free”, they generally associate these words with the foods they choose to eat. While natural and preservative free foods are a great way to promote proper health, preservatives are found in more than just the foods we eat.

How Preservatives In Your Eye Drops May Cause Irritation

Most standard eye drops use preservative ingredients to prevent spoiling and to keep the product fresh. Similar to preservatives in foods, preservatives in eye drops may actually be doing more harm than good for your eyes. According to the US National Library of Medicine, long term use of eye drops with preservatives, specifically those with Benzalkonium Chloride (BAK) should be avoided. More than just Benzalkonium Chloride, other preservatives such as alcohol have shown to contribute to long-term irritation, increased tear instability, and also may even cause inflammation that you may be trying to relieve.

Nature's Tears Eye Drops Nature’s Tears Eye Drops are Ideal For People Who Need Mild Eye Drops For Long Term Use

While using eye drops with preservatives generally isn’t a problem short term, long term use may actually complicate the very eye issues you’re trying to preventl. If you’re one who suffers from chronic dry-eye syndrome, or if you simply use eye drops on a regular basis, there are a few highly regarded all-natural eye drops made without preservatives for long-term use.

Additional to irritation caused by long-term use, many people have allergy problems resulting from eye drops with preservatives in them. Since preservatives use non-natural ingredients, our body may reject this, resulting in an allergic reaction. While most allergic reactions are very mild, many find it hard to use any eye drops with preservatives in them impossible due to their allergies.

Preservative Free Eye Drop Options


Amcon Viva Drops Viva Drops Are The Most Popular Preservative Free Eye Drop at AC Lens

Thankfully, there are many brands that manufacture all natural, preservative free eye drops. Eye drops such as Tears Naturale, Viva Drops, Nature’s Tears, Refresh Optive Sensitive, and many others offer preservative free treatment options for people with sensitive eyes, or those who need drops for long-term use. AC Lens carries a wide variety of natural rewetting drops made for all different purposes at some of the lowest prices you can find anywhere.

To see if there are preservatives in your eye drops, make sure to read the label, as the preservatives should be annotated in the ingredients section. All eye drops AC Lens carries have the ingredients conveniently listed in the product description, so you can see whether the eye drops you would like to purchase have preservatives or not.

To buy all natural eye drops, visit our eye-drops section to learn more about the products we carry, and to find the right eye drops for your eye-care needs.


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