Have You Ever Wondered How Your Eyes Work?

by admin on May 1, 2012

Your eyes are the most complex part of your body outside your brain. The very fact that vision is possible is mind-blowing when you learn all the complicated processes involved in processing vision. If you’re like many, you probably wonder how we see images, and what makes vision possible.

For the curious, we added a brief page detailing eye anatomy to AC Lens. It should help explain the vision process better for those who are naturally interested in science and health like ourselves. Use the link below to navigate to our anatomy page.

Eye Anatomy

Every Part of Your Eye Plays an Intricate Role in Ocular Health

Learn How Your Eyes Work at AC Lens

After learning how delicate our eyes are, it’s easy to see how important proper eye health can be. With over 12 million photoreceptors in a single eye, it’s amazing to think that a single lens can correct vision so accurately. Learn more about proper eye health and protecting the delicate parts of your eye by talking to your doctor. After all, if anybody knows how important eye health is, it’s most certainly your Eye Doctor.

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