5 Reasons To Donate Your Old Eye Glasses

by admin on April 23, 2012

Every year, millions of people worldwide purchase new eyeglasses, or switch to wearing contact lenses instead of glasses. What most people aren’t aware of, is that it’s estimated that there are well over 160 million individuals in the world today that experience vision problems but do not wear corrective eye wear. Most of these individuals don’t avoid glasses by choice, but rather because they can’t afford to purchase corrective lenses. As a result of having poor vision, they are similarly not qualified for many jobs that would allow them to afford vision correction, resulting in a cycle of poverty and vision loss

AC Lens is a supporter of worldwide vision correction, and we want everyone to have access to optimal vision regardless of where they are from. Thankfully, Lions Club International has made it possible to donate your old eyeglasses and reading glasses to help people in developing nations. Not only does your glasses donation help someone who otherwise may be helpless, but in celebration of Sunday’s (April 22nd) earth day and the upcoming arbor day, donating your glasses is also beneficial towards the environment.

Old Glasses Donating Outdated Glasses Supports Worldwide Health

If these reasons weren’t enough motivation alone to encourage you to donate your old glasses, read our list below to find out the benefits of glasses donation. Being charitable not only benefits the world around us, but also can benefit you as an individual.


5 Reasons To Donate Your Old Eyeglasses

  • Donating Old Glasses Helps Prevent Blindness and Poverty: As mentioned at the beginning of this post, visual impairment prevents reading, working, and can hinder individuals in developing economies from being successful and financially independent. Your old glasses that you never use can improve that individual’s quality of life, ability to provide for themselves, and their ability to provide for their family.
  • Donating old Glasses is Good for The Environment: As with any recycling project, recycling prevents excess manufacturing and excess waste. Glasses that aren’t fit to be re-worn can still be used for their materials, as the plastics and glass lenses are easily recyclable.
  • Donating Glasses Is a Great Reason to Switch to Contacts: If you’ve been considering switching from glasses to contact lenses, donating your glasses can be a great incentive to finally make the jump. Switching from glasses to contacts is a great way to do something good for yourself, and donating your glasses to a charitable foundation such as Lion’s Club is a great way to do something good for someone else. Additionally, wearing contacts may actually be less expensive than wearing glasses. An annual supply of Acuvue Oasys (the most popular contact lens) at AC Lens costs approximately $140-$220 dollars per year, depending on volume purchased and rebate. In comparison, glasses may cost upwards of $300-500 for a quality pair of prescription lenses. If one would replace their glasses every 2-3 years, wearing contacts may actually be more affordable than wearing glasses.
  • Donating Eyeglasses Can Give You a Tax Break: As with any charitable contribution, donating glasses can potentially give you a tax break. Considering the fact that your old glasses were likely sitting in a drawer collecting dust, this is no doubt a win-win situation. Make sure to obtain a receipt for your donation in case the IRS asks about your donation later on.
  • Donating Old Glasses is a Good way To Clean out Clutter:  If you’re like many people, you have 3-4 pairs of old glasses sitting in the bottom of your junk drawer. Donating these glasses is a great way to clean out your “junk” resulting in a true trash-for-treasure situation for any individual who could benefit form wearing your old spectacles.


While these are all great reasons to donate your glasses, the most important reason to donate your old glasses is simply to be helpful and caring for others! After all, nothing feels better at the end of the day than helping others out, and when you consider the fact that you’re simultaneously helping yourself out, there is no reason not to donate your old glasses.

For more information, visit  Lion’s Club International to learn how to donate remotely, or to find a drop-off location nearby.

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mnkpnb@yahoo.com' Martha ANN Brady May 5, 2015 at 9:48 am

Please tell me of a location for eye glass donation near zip 11553. Is there one in Rockville Center, NY? Do you want eye glass cases also?

Thank you

Beth Cale May 6, 2015 at 11:00 am

Hi Martha! We do not take donations at this time, but if you follow this link, it will give you a couple options to donate your used glasses to reputable sources: http://www.allaboutvision.com/resources/donate.htm

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