Benefits of Wearing Sunglasses: The Benefits You Don’t Know About

by admin on April 16, 2012

Sunglasses have numerous health and well-being benefits, most of which include wearing sunglasses for the purpose of protecting your eyes from damaging radiation and ultra-violet light.

If you’re like most people, you’ve known about how damaging UV rays can be ever since that sunburn you got after forgetting to wear sun screen. While UV protection is very important,  there are a wide variety of health benefits that sunglasses can provide, that you may never have thought about.

Sunglasses Health Benefits You May Have Never Heard Of

  • Glare Reduction: By reducing glare via polarization, sunglasses are able to block the harmful radiation caused by UV-a and UV-b light. What most people do not consider, is that sunglasses also allow proper vision when participating in high-risk tasks such as driving. If you’re like most, driving in the sun is bothersome, especially without a proper pair of shades. While it may seem to be just an annoyance to some, driving while staring into the sun is a legitimate risk to your driving ability, and well over 100 deaths are caused every year by drivers who can’t see due to glare.
  • Fix Jet Lag: For travelers, they’ve certainly experienced jet lag at some point in their life, and nothing is more miserable than going on an important business trip, or a relaxing vacation only to feel drowsy and depleted due to jet lag. While it may not fully “cure” jet lag, some experts have suggested wearing sunglasses during a flight as a means to assist in jet-lag prevention. By minimizing exposure to bright ultra violet light during travel, sunglasses may help pre-emptively adjust your biological clock so that you don’t have to deal, with jet-lag the following day.
  • Dry-Eye Fix: Many people who suffer from dry-eye syndrome do so largely due to environmental factors. Windy environments, especially those in dry climates are known to dry out your skin and also dry out your eyes. Sunglasses, specifically wraparound style sunglasses have a goggle-like effect that can block much of the dust and wind from accessing your eyes. Depending on your level of dry-eye, this may help prevent symptoms from occurring, and will also help you look good while doing so.
  • Debris Protection: Safety glasses are incredibly important to many professions, and likewise, sunglasses serve a similar role in that they can protect the eyes from harmful debris while on a job, while also aiding in proper vision. Most construction workers wear protective style sunglasses while working outdoors, and many athletes swear by their sunglasses not only for protection from the sun, but also from potential damage due to physical contact.
Gargoyles Sunglasses Gargoyles Sunglasses Protect Eyes from Debris and UV Rays
  • Less Squinting and Eye Strain: When you’re constantly squinting, you’re also constantly straining your eyes. This results in “tired” eyes, and may even lead to earlier wrinkles around the eyes. Wearing sunglasses allows you to not squint, and will help you see more clearly during whichever outdoor activity you decide to participate in.
  • Sunglasses May Convey Positive Status: While this isn’t a tangible benefit, it may be the most important factor for some people on which type of sunglasses they buy, or whether they choose to wear sunglasses at all. Sunglasses have long been associated with glamour, “coolness,” and are one and the same with hollywood elite. While not everyone wants to be like the hollywood elite, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that most would enjoy looking a little bit “cooler” or perhaps a little bit edgier. Regardless of your goal, sunglasses are a final piece that can bring together anybody’s personal style, which is a benefit as far as we’re concerned.


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