How to Apply Makeup With Poor Eyesight

by admin on April 10, 2012

If you’re like most women, the morning routine of waking up, showering, washing your face, and applying makeup becomes a breeze after 20+ years of practice. With that said, what do you do if your eyesight starts to go bad? Anybody experiencing Presbyopia or Farsightedness may have difficulty focusing on close-range objects, and most women will experience at least one of these conditions at some point during their life.  Can you imagine trying to apply makeup without being able to focus on your face?

How do I apply makeup with poor vision?

Thankfully, there are a few ways to combat this problem, so you won’t wake up worrying about applying your lipstick or eyeliner entirely wrong due to vision loss. For people who are experiencing Hyperopia (farsightedness) or Presbyopia which cause close range vision reduction, you have two options.

  • Wear Contact Lenses: Most people would initially think they could simply wear glasses while applying makeup, but the problem here, is that glasses limit your ability to apply eye makeup. Wearing contact lenses allows easy application of eye makeup, and many find contacts to be preferable to traditional glasses anyway.  Contact lenses are made for all eye conditions including Hyperopia, Presbyopia, Myopia, and other more specific vision problems. The only drawback to wearing contacts is that you have to put your contacts in prior to applying makeup, and for those who don’t already wear contacts, they’ll need to obtain a prescription from their eye doctor in order to purchase contact lenses.
Dailies Contact Lenses Ciba Vision Dailies Contact Lenses Make the Morning Routine Easy
  • Wear Makeup Glasses: Many women aren’t aware of what makeup glasses are. While it’s true that wearing traditional glasses will hinder your ability to apply makeup, makeup glasses are specifically designed to give access to one eye at a time so that you can apply eyeliner, mascara, and other makeup without being half blind. Most makeup glasses use lenses that fold away, which allows you to correct vision in one eye, while keeping the other eye uncovered.
Peepers Makeup Glasses Peepers Makeup Glasses Correct Vision in One Eye at a Time

Overall, nearly everyone will experience some level of close range vision loss by the time they reach middle age. Presbyopia is caused by the stiffening of your eye’s lens, and is a natural result of the aging process. Most makeup glasses are made similar to reading glasses without prescription lenses, whereas contact lenses require a proper eye exam and prescription from your doctor to obtain. Consult a vision care professional to figure out which options are the best for you.

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