6 Ways to Relieve Seasonal Eye Allergies

by admin on April 3, 2012

Eye AllergiesIf you’re like many, spring is the best time of the year. Cold weather finally starts to go away, flowers start to bloom, and the cloudy winter doldrums become a thing of the past. Unfortunately, while spring brings many good aspects, it also brings the worst time of the year for those who suffer from allergies. If you’re someone who suffers from irritating, itchy, red eyes due to seasonal eye allergies, see our list below on how to relieve or prevent seasonal eye allergies.

6 Ways to Relieve Seasonal Eye Allergies

Allergy Drops

  1. Buy Eye Drops for Allergies: If you’re like most, you’ve probably made a habit of purchasing allergy drops at the beginning of allergy season every year. Allergy eye drops effectively provide relief from red, itchy, burning eyes caused by seasonal allergies. Instead of over-paying for allergy eye drops, purchase them through AC Lens the next time you place an order for your contacts to save on both shipping and overall price.
  2. Consider Switching Contact Lenses: If you’re a contact lens wearer, consider switching to daily disposable contacts. Daily disposable contact lenses won’t accumulate allergens and pollen like extended use lenses do, and even help to eliminate daily maintenance on your lenses. Contact your doctor to see if daily disposable contacts are the right choice for you.
  3. Wear Reading Glasses When Contacts Aren’t Needed: While switching to daily disposable lenses works for many, it may not be a great option for all. Furthermore, wearing glasses will still be a better option when compared to wearing daily disposable contacts. It may be a good idea to buy reading glasses, since they’re low cost, and can still provide some mild vision correction for tasks where acute vision isn’t required.
  4. Wash Your Clothes and Bed Sheets Regularly: Fabrics have a tendency to hold allergens and irritants on the surface. These irritants come in contact with your face and eyes when they’re in such close proximity to you. It’s especially important to wash your pillow cases, as they’re in contact with your face for a very long portion of the day.
  5. Run the Air Conditioner When Possible: Shutting your windows will block many allergens from ever entering your home, and air conditioning will also filter some of the irritants out of the air as well. Many people use air filters in addition to their A/C since they can be highly effective at purifying the air from pollens, dander, mold and other particles that contribute to eye allergies.
  6. Consider Wearing Wraparound Sunglasses: Wraparound sunglasses are designed specifically to keep wind and air away from your eyes. The more air you’re able to block with sunglasses, the less they’ll come into contact with pollens, danders, molds, and other sources of allergic reactions. Wraparound sunglasses are also a healthy and stylish way to protect your eyes from UV rays for the coming summer.

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