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by admin on March 29, 2012

Foster Grant, one of the world’s leading manufacturer’s of glasses products is a brand we’re incredibly proud to provide for our customers. Why do we love Foster Grant? Between the product, the history, and the company, we have a hard time finding anything not to love about Foster Grants.

Reasons We Love Foster Grant Readers

While reading glasses aren’t traditionally as exciting as sunglasses, we can’t help but be at least a little bit excited and impressed by Foster Grant’s line of readers. Foster Grant is constantly innovating the field of reading glasses, with products like the patented Foster Grant Lightspecs which feature powerful LED lighting along with corrective lenses for reading in low-light environments, or their fashionable Sun Readers, which combine their sunglasses expertise with reading glasses functionality.

Foster Grant LightspecsAdditional to innovative design, every pair of reading glasses is made with durable frames, scratch resistant lenses, light weight materials, and spring-loaded hinges for lasting comfort and durability.

Style Without the Extra Cost

While innovative technology is great, it’s not usually worthwhile unless it’s affordable. What we like most about Foster Grant reading glasses, is that they offer trendy designs and high grade products at a very affordable prices for both men and women. Why pay in excess when you can get designer quality at an affordable price? In modern times, many need their reading glasses to match their on-the-go lifestyle, and since Foster Grants are so affordable, it’s easy to keep a pair for the office, for home, and then perhaps a few trendier pairs for a fancy dinner out on the town.

Foster Grant Ladies Tortoise Sun Readers

Ladies Sun Readers by Foster Grant Highlights Both Style & Functionality

The Iconic History of Foster Grant

While most eye-care companies have a relatively bland history, Foster Grant is an American icon, having been one of the first major retailers to ever sell sunglasses. In the early 1900’s business partners Sam Foster and Bill Grant opened a shop on the infamous Atlantic City boardwalk selling women’s hair products. After trends shifted and business dropped, Foster Grant started to sell sunglasses to tourists, beach enthusiasts, and local trendsetters.

Prior to Foster Grant selling sunglasses, sunglasses were only used when people had overly sensitive eyes, and were not seen as glamorous or mysterious. With Foster Grant’s focus on improving style & the manufacturing process of sunglassess, they became popular among early adopters and celebrities who were commonly found on the boardwalk in the late 20’s and early 30’s. Once celebrities adopted the new sunglasses craze, the rest of the country followed suit, and the rest is history.

Foster Grants in Modern Times

Foster Grants have been an American staple ever since their invention in the late 20’s. In the 60’s, they were well known for the “Who’s that behind those Foster Grants” advertisements, and similar advertisements have been ran more recently as well. As Foster Grant developed as a brand, they decided to branch out, becoming more than just a sunglasses brand, but rather a comprehensive eye fashion brand. Nowadays, Foster Grant sells full lines of reading glasses as well as sunglasses fit for every lifestyle.

Concluding Thoughts on Foster Grant

If you’re looking for style, utility, and affordability, look no further than foster grant. Foster Grant makes it easy to replace lost sunglasses or reading glasses, and makes it practical to own more than one pair at a time for multiple occasions since they’re so affordable. AC Lens carries a wide variety of Foster reading glasses at discounted prices for your shopping convenience. Look no further than AC Lens for your Foster Grant readers.

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