The 8 Different Types of Reading Glasses

by admin on March 26, 2012

Reading glasses may seem simple, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that there is only one generic style of reader. Learning about the different styles of reading glasses can help you shop for the perfect reader for you and your family.

Different Types of Reading Eyeglasses

Foster Grant Fashion ReadersFashion Readers: Fashion readers are reading glasses designed both for fashion as well as functionality. Popular brands include Foster Grant and Private Eyes, both of which make high quality fashion readers.

Men's Reading GlassesMen’s Reading Glasses: Men’s reading glasses generally feature larger sizes and masculine styling, and darker colors. Men’s Readers often feature bolder lines and thicker features.

Women's Reading GlassesWomen’s Reading Glasses: Women’s readers are generally smaller than men’s reading glasses are, and often feature patterns and designs on the frame itself.

Bifocal ReadersBifocal Readers: Bifocal readers offer vision correction similar to normal reading glasses, except they correction for both close-range vision as well as distance viewing.

Peepers Makeup GlassesMakeup Glasses: Makeup reading glasses are designed to help apply makeup with proper vision. Normally, wearing glasses while applying makeup is difficult, but makeup readers only utilize one lens at a time, allowing makeup to be applied while still correcting vision with the opposite eye.

Computer GlassesComputer Eyeglasses: Computer glasses are similar to standard readers, but are designed to focus on objects in the mid-range viewing distance instead of short range, while also blocking irritating monitor glare. Computer glasses help relieve the effects of computer vision syndrome.

Sun ReadersSun Readers: Sun reading glasses use the same lens type normal reading glasses do, except they add a tint for protection from ultra violet light and excess glare. Sun readers are made for people who enjoy outdoor reading or need mild outdoor vision correction.

Bifocal Sun ReadersBifocal Sun Readers: Bifocal sun reading glasses are the same as sun readers, except with a bifocal lens style for close range as well as distance vision correction.

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