5 Ways You Could be Over Spending on Contacts

by admin on March 9, 2012

Nobody wants to spend more money than they have to on contact lenses, but unfortunately, most people are not aware of how many ways there are to avoid overspending. If people were to avoid five common mistakes, they would find that they could easily be saving over $400 every year on contacts!

It might sound crazy, but if all contact lens wearers in the United States were to save $400 dollars yearly on their contact lens purchases, there would be a collective savings of 14 billion dollars just in the United States alone. By comparison, that value trumps the country of Iceland’s entire GDP by almost 3 billion dollars, and is enough money to cover over 200 separate General Motors bailout funds!

As Jimmy Fallon infamously quotes in his Capital One advertisement, “who wouldn’t want more money?” While it’s true that everyone short of the capital one baby wants more money, most people don’t realize where and how they’re overspending. After all, if there were easy ways to pay less,  nobody would ever pay more than they have to. Because of this, we’ve written an easy guideline on how to save money on your contacts, and you may find that there were ways to save money that you never even thought of.

Top 5 Ways People Overspend on Contact Lenses

  1. Ordering through your doctor’s office: While doctors can provide invaluable support and advice, lenses ordered through a doctor’s office will typically cost 40-70% (depending on brand and office) more than lenses ordered through an online retailer such as AC Lens. As a patient, you have no obligation to order your contacts through your doctor, just as you would have no obligation to order medicine through any specific pharmacy. Additional to significant savings, many find that ordering their contacts over the phone or through the internet actually provides quicker, more reliable service than through a doctor’s office. Our customer service staff has been in BizRate’s circle of excellence for over five straight years, and most doctor’s offices don’t even have a customer service representative if something goes wrong. Many online retailers offer coupons and support to customers in addition to already cheaper prices, enabling them to experience the full 40-70% savings.
  2. Not ordering in bulk: As with almost any product or service, when you purchase in bulk, you can experience a significant long term savings. If you know that your lens prescription will not be changing within the next year, ordering an extended supply of contacts can not only save you money, but can also save you the hassle of constantly having to reorder your contacts and eye-care products.
  3. Paying shipping fees: Many online retailers charge a shipping and handling fee for all products. While AC Lens does charge shipping and handling on some items, any order over $99 will have ZERO shipping or handling charges attached if you live within the United States. If you’ve started ordering in bulk, you’ll probably be able to get free shipping in addition to bulk savings assuming you’re ordering through AC Lens. Be aware that many companies charge low product prices, but will raise shipping fees to compensate for their lower prices, costing you even more.
  4. Not taking advantage of rebates and sales: Many people have a habit of simply buying their contacts when they need a new set of replacements. This is entirely understandable, since it’s how almost everyone regularly shops for daily items. That being said, AC Lens hosts feature sales multiple times throughout the year (such as the current Go Mad In March Sale). While this can be highly beneficial for someone who just happens to need a replacement during the sale, many people will miss the savings if they don’t need to re-order during the period of the sale. This is another way where buying bulk quantities in advance can be advantageous, as it allows you to wait for sales to purchase bulk orders at significantly reduced prices. Additional to sales, most major brands offer rebates for sending back box tops and receipts, and you can typically save anywhere from $50-$100 a year through rebate programs.  Find more information about Acuvue rebates here.
  5. Not watching out for hidden fees and sub-par retailers: Nobody likes hidden fees. Getting hit with hidden fees often feels like you’re being robbed, and they can quickly make what looked to be a great “deal” into a sub-par scam. Similar to excessive shipping costs, hidden fees usually get added on at the end of your transaction, where you’re less likely to stop the order process. If you see a hidden fee pop up, take the time to look at where the extra cost is coming from, and look at other avenues for purchasing your contacts. at AC Lens, we fully refuse to use hidden fees, or excessive surcharges for “handling”. We’re consumers ourselves, and we want our customers to be as satisfied with our service as we would when we buy our contacts online. Additional to hidden fees, making sure you order from a reputable company with solid customer support, and accredited success can help to avoid scams, fraud, bad service, or problems with the products themselves.

So How Much Can You Save Just by Following the 5 Tips Above?

Since we’ve already used Acuvue Oasys for previous examples, we’ll continue using it as a standard example for estimated savings. By using a little bit of math, we can find our yearly estimated savings for one individual who would wear 1-week Acuvue contacts on a daily basis.

  • If one were to buy a year’s worth of Acuvue Oasys contacts for themselves, made sure to collect all rebates, bought their lenses in bulk quantities, and bought at a low price, they would only pay approximately $244 per year  on their contacts!
  • As a comparison, we take the cost a doctor’s office would charge. Assuming a conservative price increase of 50% over online retailers, your yearly cost for Acuvue Oasys would be approximately $661,  a difference of over $400! This also does not account for savings on lens accessories, other family members, or more expensive contact lenses, so it wouldn’t be unrealistic to save more than $500 per family member!

Concluding Thoughts

Regardless of how you choose to spend your savings, it’s important to know that saving money on contacts is easy, and if you order in bulk, may require even less work than normal, since you can avoid frequent re-orders. Aside from saving money, it’s always important to choose a quality retailer who can provide excellent customer service, especially for prescription medical products such as contact lenses.

It’s important to practice safety & sanitation around your contacts, and doing so can even save money from having to re-order contacts prematurely due to infection, tearing, or misplacement. For further questions regarding lens care and prescription help, consult with your professional eye care provider, and make sure to set regular eye exams for proper check ups.

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