Advantages of Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

by admin on March 2, 2012

Contact lens technology has come a long way in the last forty years. While this may have sounded crazy back then, many people find contact lens wear more comfortable and convenient than wearing glasses. Despite advances in technology and affordability, caring for standard contacts still can be a royal pain when compared to the ease of wearing eyeglasses.

Dailies Contact LensesFortunately, daily disposable contacts offer a highly convenient solution to daily maintenance. Instead of worrying about cleaning your contacts, just throw them out and grab a new pair every day. If you haven’t considered daily disposable contacts, listed below are pros and cons to weigh when considering switching to daily disposable contacts in place of weekly, gas permeable, or other long-term contacts.

  • Highly Comfortable: Daily disposable contacts won’t accumulate any buildup, residue, or blemishes since they’re new each day you apply them.
  • No Risk for Losing or Breaking: If you’re an active individual who has problems with contacts falling out or tearing, dailies eliminate any of the risk associated with losing your contacts, since they’re already replaced every day. Replacement costs on long-term contact lenses can cost a fortune.
  • No More Cleaning: Lets face it, nobody enjoys cleaning contacts. Daily disposable contacts save you time in the morning and at night, and eliminate having to purchase lens cleaners and lens cases.
  • Better for Travel: Carrying contact lens cases, lens solution, and contact lenses themselves can be cumbersome for travel. Daily disposable contacts eliminate any risk of leaking  solution bottles, take up less space in your bag, and are much easier to care for while on the go.
  • Won’t Contribute to Allergy Symptoms: Standard contacts have always been problematic to those who suffer from eye allergies. Allergens have a tendency to accumulate on your lenses, resulting in greater overall eye irritation. Daily disposable contacts come fresh every day, eliminating issues with problematic allergen buildup.
  • Lower Risk of Eye Infection: Standard contacts require a constant upkeep, and constant cleaning. Forgetting daily cleansing exposes contacts to harmful bacteria, which potentially can lead to infection. Daily disposables don’t have this risk, and are optimal for children, or anybody who would potentially forget to clean their lenses.
  • Better for Part Time Contact Wearers: Many people still prefer wearing glasses over contacts, but enjoy having the option to wear contacts for special occasions. Daily disposable contacts are ideal for part time contact wearers, since they don’t require a constant upkeep, and can simply be applied when one chooses to not wear glasses.

Overall, there are countless advantages when considering daily disposable contacts vs. regular contacts. Daily Disposables are great for people of all ages, and are manufactured for all eye conditions, including people suffering from myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, and presbyopia. The only major drawback of daily disposable contacts is that they occasionally offer a slightly lower optical quality when compared to long-term use contacts, and they can be slightly more expensive than standard contacts.

Some popular brands of  daily disposable contacts include 1-day Acuvue, Focus Dailies, Clearsight 1-Day, Proclear 1-Day,  Soflens Daily Disposable, and Dailies Aquacomfort.

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{ 1 comment… read it below or add one }' Stephanie Smith June 19, 2015 at 7:31 am

I don’t even know what the difference is between disposable and “permanent” contact lenses. I haven’t needed them, but after a visit to my optometrist, I’m going to need to get them very soon 🙁 it looks like disposable might be better for me, though. My eyesight isn’t terrible, so I would be a part-time user. My only concern is the cost of disposable ones, and how often I would go through them.

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