Over the counter treatments for winter dry eye symptoms.

by admin on January 31, 2012

Dry eye syndrome is a common eye disorder that results when tear production can’t keep up with the rate at which your eyes dry up. Experienced by many, dry eye is highly uncomfortable, and usually requires frequent attention with artificial tears to provide relief.

Unfortunately, winter is traditionally the worst season for dry eye syndrome, as the environmental factors that trigger dry eye become more prevalent. When you combine windy, dry winter weather with dry, furnace-heated air indoors, it’s not uncommon for your eyes to dry out even without a predisposition to dry eye syndrome.

Luckily, AC Lens carries over forty different types of over the counter dry eye relief, all of which can help alleviate inflamed, irritated eye symptoms that seem to pop up more frequently during the winter. Brands such as Opti-Free PureMoist, Viva Drops, Similasan, and Lobob Optimum Rewetting Drops,  carry eye drops for specific conditions, and are all available at AC Lens at discounted prices.
Optive Eye Drops Thera Tears Amcon Viva-Drops

While artificial tears may always be necessary for chronic dry eye, there are some measures that can be taken to improve environmental causes of dry eye. Adding a humidifier during the winter will help combat excessively dry air common in furnace-heated homes. Plants can also improve humidity within a home, which will lower the rate at which your eyes dry out. Wearing sunglasses when outdoors is not only helpful for protecting your eyes against harmful UV rays, but also can block outdoor wind that would otherwise carry away your eye’s moisture. For cigarette smokers, smoking outside can help rid the air of drying smoke, and quitting smoking altogether is even more significant. If possible, avoid using hair dryers or sitting close to heating ducts. In addition to outside factors, eating a balanced and healthy diet along with plentiful exercise & hydration will go a long way towards alleviating dry eye symptoms.

For further information speak to an eye care physician about which product and treatment is right for you, and then head on over to AC Lens to find the best pricing for eye care treatments. Buy eye drops online at AC Lens now.

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