Your Teen Wants Contacts

by admin on January 4, 2012

The real issue for teens and wearing contacts is not their age, but whether they are responsible enough to wear and care for contact lenses properly. Parents, teens, and their eye doctor must make this decision together.

Even though there are a lot of trendy glasses available now for teens, contact lenses may help teens have more self-esteem.
Teens are self-conscious, and with contacts they could feel more attractive and accepted instead of wearing glasses. They’re also an advantage for active teens who play sports.

The responsibility of cleaning contact lenses is easier than ever, just one bottle of multi-purpose solution and a case. Of course, one type of contact lens — daily disposable — doesn’t need a cleaning regimen because the lenses are thrown in the trash at the end of each day. For this reason, daily disposable contacts are a great vision correction option for most teenagers.

For contacts that do require care, many eye care practitioners report that teens and children are more diligent about cleaning their contact lenses than are adults, who after years of wearing them, often become more casual about lens care. Young people are more careful about following directions given them by a medical professional.

With contact lenses you also always have a “back up pair”, glasses are easily broken and expensive to replace. It’s impossible to generalize about cost. As with eyeglasses, the cost of contact lenses varies widely, depending on the brand, the prescription, and how often the lenses are replaced. Daily disposable contacts are a special case, because they don’t require any cleaning supplies or containers. It depends on the brand and the supplier, but daily disposables usually cost about $1 per day, making them affordable for most people and great contacts for children.

Take you teen to your eye doctor and see if contacts are right for them.

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