Video Gamers vs. Contact Lenses

by admin on May 11, 2011

I live in a house of a serious gamer, no joke. So I know first hand how many hours someone can spend in front of a TV or computer screen. Did you know most gamers spend around 30-35 hours a week in front of a glowing screen? Some people even have to work on a computer every day, all day – so that’s at least 40 maybe more hours each week someone can spend straining their eyes. Individuals who do this typically have a lower-than-average blinking rate, which leads to discomfort in their eyes. Dry eyes anyone? Now lets add contact lenses into the mix. Ouch! If you work at a computer, or you can’t put down your new game, having a contact lens that has a lot of wettability and the ability to wear them for a long period of time is necessary.

Now there is Biofinity Contact Lenses which offers natural wettability, ample oxygen, and low modulus for daily or extended wear. Perfect for gamers and heavy computer users, Biofinity contact lenses are the perfect relief for dry eyes and eye strain. Those with astigmatism need not worry with Biofinity Torics. To learn more about these lenses visit EyeFit Biofinity Guarantee for Gamers.

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