How To Travel With Contacts

by admin on May 5, 2011

Lots of people when traveling will make big lists of things they need to pack so they don’t forget anything. I find that toiletry items are usually the hardest to pack; contacts, shampoo, soap, tooth brush and more. I often worry everything is going to gush open a spill on all my clothes so I put everything in its own zip lock bag. However on long road trips and flights you need your contact lenses, contact lens solution, and eye-dops in an easily accessible place. You don’t want to irritate or strain your eye while travel – especially if you’re the driver!

AC Lens offers some great solutions for traveling with contact lenses.

1. The Hilco Contact Lens Accessory Organizer is perfect for the contact lens wearer on the go. It comes in four different sizes and is ideal for travel – fitting easily in a briefcase or carry-on.

2. Contact Solution Inc. Contact Solution Contact Lens Case. Contact Solution Contact Lens Case is the world’s most advanced contact lens case. Store up to three weeks of your favorite brand solution inside the case. Dispense the solution from inside the case with the one touch button located between the two contact lens compartments. Specially designed solution cap rinses and cleans lenses. Built in mirror provides a crystal clear reflection. TSA approved for airline travel in the United Stated and abroad.

Some tips for travel: Make sure the solution is 3 oz. or under when flying; any liquid above 3 oz. will not be admitted onto the plane. And make sure you bring an extra pair of contact lenses or glasses. Soft contact lenses are delicate and can rip if placed incorrectly into the case.

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