Contact Lenses Are Best for Athletes

by admin on April 8, 2011

Whether you like golf, tennis, biking, or softball, if you’re a serious athlete, contact lenses are usually the best option for sports. It may seem obvious why an athlete would choose contact lenses over glasses – but here are ten reasons why you should wear contact lenses while playing any sport.

1. There is no fogging with contacts.
2. Glasses can slide down your nose and face from sweat.
3. The frame and lens edges can get in the way and be distracting to your line of sight.
4. There is no side (peripheral) vision at all with glasses.
5. You can wear protective goggles if needed with contact lenses.
6. Contacts wont break if you fall down or happen to crash.
7. There is no pressure on the sides of your head when wearing helmets, like glasses can cause.
8. Contacts give you better depth perception and distance evaluation.
9. Some lenses have UV filters, cutting out harmful UVA and UVB rays when out in the sun.
10. Contact lenses can give you many choices for non-prescription sports eyewear.

So if you are heavily involved in sports or just enjoy light outdoor activities, contact lenses are an appropriate choice. Your eye care practitioner can help determine the best type of lenses based on your sport or activity.

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{ 2 comments… read them below or add one }' Danny April 12, 2011 at 9:47 pm

Thanks for your article on how contact lenses are best for athletes. I am short sighted and I am keen cyclist. My glasses are always getting fogged up when I start sweating. I’m always paranoid that my glasses will fall off and smash. Also when it starts raining I can’t see due to all the water on my glasses. Then I discovered the contact lens solution! They are the solution to all my problems. I can now wear sunglasses when I ride. I’m never worried about glasses falling off my face now thanks to my eye contacts.

I tried contact lens stores but online was cheaper. I got my mail order contact lenses at:

Really great. Thanks this article has changed my bike rides days for good!' Christine DeBord December 22, 2011 at 1:11 pm

There are also sport contact lenses available in different tints that are ideal for athletes. These tints come in 6 different shades that are ideal for day and night games, and work well for nearly every sport. Since Nike discontinued their sport lenses, Marietta Vision is the only company making FDA approved sport tints. Their website is, and they can tint any lenses you are currently wearing. They can also make a custom pair that fit nearly everyone, and they are also available in toric. More information about sport tints can also be found on Facebook at

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