Wearing Goggles With Contact Lenses While Swimming

by admin on February 28, 2011

Wearing goggles over contact lenses while swimming is often recommended by eye care professionals. Contact lenses are porous and may absorb chemicals, microbes or other impurities in the water, which may harm or irritate your eyes and possibly lead to an infection. Since there is very limited information on this recommendation, Contact Lenses Today did a study to examine whether wearing goggles while swimming limits bacterial colonization on contact lenses and if the type of lens worn affects contamination rates.

Twenty-three people were used in the study during swim sessions in an ocean (salt water) simulated pool. They used both silicone hyrogel and hydrogel lenses with the participants. Modified goggles were used to mimic goggled and non-goggled simulations in the water. The contact lenses were collected after each swim session, tested for microbials and the goggles and non-goggles lenses were compared to each other. In conclusion, Contact Lenses Today found that fewer bacterial colonies were on the goggled contact lens, and that wearing goggles while swimming does help protect against bacteria collecting on your contact lenses while swimming. Proving that the suggestion to wear goggles is a good one.

If you still want to wear goggles but not your contact lenses, there are also prescription swim goggles available to help you see in the water. Protecting your vision is very important. It is also recommend that you clean and disinfect your lenses right after swimming, even if you use goggles. If you are an active daily swimmer look into getting daily disposable lenses. By disposing of your lenses at the end of each day, you are decreasing the possibility of harmful materials or bacteria absorbed by your contact lenses.

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