Contact Lens Case Technology and Safety

by admin on January 4, 2011

Contact lens cases are a very important factor in your contact lens’s success and health of your eyes. Many studies have shown that contact lens cases often contain microorganisms that can lead to microbial keratitis, an inflammation of the cornea. Developing microbial keratitis is caused by contamination of your contacts from being in an uncleaned contact lens case and can get worse if you do not clean your case properly. For proper lens case cleaning visit our recent post from Dec. 22, 2010 called “Cleaning and Care of Contact Lens Cases.”

Another very important step in keeping your lenses clean and your eyes healthy is replacing your contact lens case with a new one every month. There are so many varieties to help you remember and also ones that go the extra mile and use different materials in the case to help keep bacteria from forming, so you have no excuse.

Here are a some examples of great contact lens cases sold at AC Lens.

1. Count-it ( This case is designed to track how many times you have worn your contact lenses. The counter is on top of the lens case and count from zero to 14, a typical 2-week replacement schedule.

2. LensAlert ( LensAlert not only tracks your contact lens replacement schedule but also keeps track of when you should replace your contact lens case. You just place your case in the LensAlert holder, and a digital countdown timer for your contact lens replacement can be set for one, two, or three months. A reminder for contact lenses can be set at two or four (30 days) weeks.

3. Pro-Guard ( Ciba Vision distributes this case with its Aquify Multipurpose Solution. Pro-Guard has silver (silver helps prevent microbial contamination) incorporated into the plastic the case is made of and has been shown to decrease bacterial contamination of the contact lens case. Don’t use this case if you are allergic to silver or other metals. Also when you buy a new bottle of Aquify every month it helps remind you to also change your case.

4. Jitterbug ( In addition to preventing microbial contamination issues, your lens case can also remove protein deposits from your contact lenses. Jitterbug periodically agitates the lens case over night to obtain the cleaning benefits of rubbing the lens without the need to do so by pulsing for 16 seconds and then again every 15 minutes for six hours. Jitterbug also has a timer to remind you to replace your lenses.

5. Novelens ( A novel contact lens storage case that keeps lens deposits that have been “soaked” away from lenses. The device has two chambers built into each contact lens well. Holes in the bottom of the first chamber lead to the lower second chamber, which stores lens solution used to initially rinse the lenses as well as any removed deposits. The two chambers are kept separate during lens storage to keep removed deposits away from the lenses.

6. The PuriLens System ( The PuriLens System is designed to clean and disinfect contact lenses without the use of conventional contact lens solutions. Contact lenses are placed in a basket and then left in the machine for 15 minutes of automatic cleaning, then the machine shuts off. It uses a magnetic pedal on a flexible arm to agitate the saline solution and loosen deposits from the lenses. A UV light is then used to disinfect the lenses, case, and saline solution.

You can find most of these products for purchase at AC Lens as well as disposable contact lens cases in many styles and colors.

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