Cleaning and Care of Contact Lens Cases

by admin on December 22, 2010

Contact lens cases should be cleaned daily to prevent your lenses from coming into contact with bacteria, dust and sediments, but has anyone ever told you how you should do it? Or even when you should replace them? Do your children know the importance of keeping their contact lens cases clean and how easy it really can be? I’d like to share with you the importance and steps to properly taking care of your contact lens case and just how easy it really is.

Daily Cleaning: The first step is to use a soft bristle toothbrush with liquid soap or a multipurpose solution to clean and scrub the case and its lids, inside and out. Pay particular attention to the screw top and caps as a lot of bacteria can get into the cracks of the grooves. When finished, give everything a good rinse with water, your multi-purpose solution, or even saline. Shake off all the excess liquid and wipe everything dry with a hand towel or paper towel — don’t use a tissue as you could get small particles of paper on the wet surfaces of the contact lens case.

Secondly, lay down a clean fresh paper towel onto a hard surface in your bedroom or other place in your house that isn’t the bathroom. There are a lot of bacteria that can get on your newly cleaned contact lens case in the bathroom while it’s setting out to dry. Next, set your case and its caps face down onto the towel, don’t screw anything back together yet, and set another towel on top to keep dust and other particles from landing on them. Now just rinse your brush thoroughly, and shake the excess water off then set it to dry with your contact lens case. Always remember that eye care accessories and other items should be stored or left in a cool, dry place. Your contact lens case is now clean and ready for the next time you use it.

Weekly Cleaning: Now that we’ve covered the daily cleaning, you also need to know that a weekly disinfecting should be done as well. Place everything you use to clean your lens case and the case itself unscrewed (toothbrush, caps, and case) into a heat resistant container with a lid. Then you will need to boil enough water to cover everything inside so it can be sterilized. Pour the boiling water into the container and close the lid and allow the items to soak for 10 minutes. Follow the air drying instructions above next.

When to Replace Your Case: Replace your contact lens case every three to six months. However, studies have shown significant levels of case contamination even when replaced monthly, so it is encouraged that you replace your case and the cleaning brush every month.

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