How To Stay Safe With Halloween Contact Lenses

by ACLens Bob on September 29, 2010

Halloween is closing fast and adding FX, Scary, or Halloween contact lenses may be just what you need to have the best costume at the party. While these costume accessories are a great addition, please keep in mind some important information before you run out to your closest novelty shop or convenience store to buy your lenses.

  • Always go through the proper channels to protect your eyes. See your eye doctor to get fitted for lenses. Every eye has a different shape, size, and corrective requirements.



  • Don’t currently wear contact lenses or eyeglasses? You’re not out of luck. Those who don’t need vision correction can get fitted by their eye doctor for 0.00 prescription halloween lenses. The eye doctor will make sure the base curve of the prescribed plano lenses fit your eye so you don’t do any damage.


  • Buy contact lenses from a trusted source. Your eye doctor, online retailers like AC Lens, or national brick and mortar stores will have fresh halloween contacts that are approved by the FDA. Do not order scary lenses at flea markets, novelty shops, or shady websites. DO NOT order contact lenses from stores that don’t require a prescription for your safety.

We hope these few simple steps will help make your Halloween as enjoyable and safe as possible. Visit AC Lens to find halloween, scary, and colored contacts online.

Happy Halloween!

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